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The Pickup Place / Re: PG13s for Epiphone Casino Coupe
« Last post by Guitar74 on June 21, 2021, 04:20:56 PM »
Nice. How do you like the PGs?
The Pickup Place / Re: DiMarzio wins double cream trademark battle
« Last post by Guitar74 on June 21, 2021, 04:11:10 PM »
Looking back at the ads from when DiMarzio was a fledgling company, it is more than apparent that the double cream wasn't just a color choice, but more of a way to identify a DiMarzio pickup from everything else at the time. I get why Larry trademarked double cream. It was brand recognition. Although there are a myriad of choices out there, I still identify double rows of allen screws and a double cream bobbin finish as "DiMarzio". I think all of the whiners that I see might want to do a little research before spewing the garbage I have read in favor of the "internet slagging" about something that, especially at the time that DiMarzio first went to market, was one of the main identifiers of their product. The fact that it seems that every so often some "patent lawyer" wants to challenge this as their "I'm gonna stick it to the man at $200/hr (never mind that people like this are also "the man")" hill to die on speaks volumes about litigation in this country.
Guitar Lounge / Re: NGD
« Last post by Guitar74 on June 21, 2021, 11:28:32 AM »
Nice!!! I wouldn't care about the reverse pointy headstock. It hearkens back to when the pointy headstock was the shiznit. I still think it is.
The mini bar (off topic & misc) / Whilst trying to keep entertained at work.
« Last post by Guitar74 on June 21, 2021, 11:26:19 AM »
One of the guys at work was talking about Mele Haggard doing a Marty Robbins impression when I told him the IMPRESSIVE thing would be David Bowie impersonating Merle Haggard doing Marty Robbins doing a David Lee Roth impersonation. It quickly snowballed into If David Lee Roth sang for.......

The first would be the Cure. Imagine Diamond Dave with Robert Smith's hair and makeup. I think you know where this is going. David Lee Goth.
The Pickup Place / Re: Single between a Super Distortion and a PAF Pro
« Last post by Guitar74 on June 21, 2021, 07:41:49 AM »
"Do you use it together with either of the humbuckers split (e.g. for clean)? Your existing pickup could probably do it. If the output is too low, Injector neck, Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 or even Injector bridge could work."

I second this one. I just recently put a hb2 in the mid position on my RG and it is plenty healthy to keep up with the humbuckers, still sounds like a single coil, and has less magnetic pull than the A5 true single that was in it. Also, at least to my ears, the hb2 likes a 500k pot.
The Pickup Place / Re: Santana
« Last post by greenlion on June 17, 2021, 03:42:22 PM »
Creamy neck tones without getting too muddy that also holds up to higher gain settings sounds like a perfect job for the Liquifire Neck.
The mini bar (off topic & misc) / Re: When less is more
« Last post by Guitar74 on June 17, 2021, 12:27:51 PM »
If you can play something like "Scarified" you must be a very good player. I would never even have dreamed of playing something like that.

And I agree that this was a great compliment.

Rock on.

Scarified was a while ago. I am sure that I would fall on my face with that one these days. Here's a link to some of my stuff:

Noting quite as chops heavy as Scarified though. I was a big Racer X fan when I was a teenager because Paul wasn't much older than me so I learnedas much as his stuff as I could back then with the attitude of,"If he can do it at that age, then why shouldn't I be able to." LOT'S of woodshedding back then.
The Pickup Place / Re: Single between a Super Distortion and a PAF Pro
« Last post by darkbluemurder on June 08, 2021, 04:00:27 PM »
Try flipping the hot and ground connections of the Super D and see if the problem persists.
The Pickup Place / Re: Santana
« Last post by buddroyce on June 08, 2021, 10:32:47 AM »
Hhmmm.. Have you considered the Bluesbucker at all?
It might get you in that ball park you're looking at.
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