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The Pickup Place / Re: 2019 new models
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on Today at 12:00:12 pm »

Interestingly I came to the same conclusion on the Mojotone Quiet Coil P90. I have a neck version. While it is quiet, to me it lacks high mids and openness. I have a Kinman Sweet Clean P90 in a different guitar (I guess this is now the High Def model but I am not sure) which is better in that regard but costs a lot more. Even though the pickups are not in the same guitar, the guitar with the Mojotone is the brighter guitar, and yet with the pickup it sounds duller.

Cheers Stephan

Have a set of mojotones I haven't installed yet.  No opinion on sound, but essentially the quiet coil design is a firebird type pickup. 

The Kinman 90s all got sold because in the end, they didn't feel right.  They were missing something in the high presence range which tended to squelch pick attack, which is a no-go for me since I do a lot of fast picked stuff.  They made the guitar 'feel' very stiff and unresponsive to that type of playing.  They might work for you if you don't do that.
The Pickup Place / Re: 2019 new models
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on Today at 11:56:03 am »

Got an idea to add a 220K or 270K resistor to ground on the 500K tone pots, extending the range to around 750K. Will do that this weekend if I have the time.
Figured that would be cheaper/quicker than opting for a whole new set.

Doesn't work like that.   If you add a resistor to lift it off ground, you're just setting a minimum level equivalent to that resistor.  A tone pot is wired as a rheostat, i.e. just a variable resistor.   Better bet is to use no load or 1M tone.
The Pickup Place / Re: DiMarzio or Fluence
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on Today at 11:53:08 am »
I bought a used set that came with the Fluence set with the backplate, push/pull fat thing, etc. 

My take is that they sound ok.  Not better than that.  Not as good as Areas.  The big thing I didn't like though is that you can hear the white noise from the preamp even under very moderate overdrive/volume situations.  That's a deal breaker for me on them.  They don't hum like a single, but they hiss like and old tape deck.
The Pickup Place / Re: PAF '59
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on Today at 11:50:38 am »

The PAF Master set and the PAF 59 set were both incredibly disappointing

I really like the Master bridge, and I've seen people who really like the '59, so YMMV.  People who really like the '59 seem to be 'traditional PAF' cork sniffer types. 
The Pickup Place / Re: Middle Pup for HSH
« Last post by darkbluemurder on Today at 04:11:12 am »

Oh mighty Sith ;D, where would YOU start? The True Velvet is in between Nita Strauss's two high output HB's in her sig' Ibby.

I would start by installing one. Trying it out for a week or so. Then try another. And so on until Iíve worked through all on hand.

+1. Only you can finally decide which you like best in your guitar and with your rig, and only after having tried at least one of the pickups you have you will be able to assert what (if anything) is still missing in your tone.

Happy experimenting,
The Pickup Place / Re: RG655 - Middle pup - Cruiser Bridge?
« Last post by darkbluemurder on Today at 04:09:02 am »
What are your preferences in pickup combinations? Do you use the middle alone much or do you use it mostly in combination with one coil of the humbuckers? In the first case you will want a humbucking (rail or area) pickup whereas in the second you may be equally happy with a non-humcancelling pickup.

Cruiser bridge should be fine for the middle position but it is low output and may not keep up well enough with the Evos.

Cheers Stephan
Guitar Lounge / So¬Ö what would you put in this
« Last post by Kathrynwab on Today at 03:36:42 am »
one step closer to Quiddich ill take the mk2 version... once a lot of the bugs have been worked out... surely CoG would be a lil high for good stability?
The Pickup Place / Re: Pickup suggestions please!
« Last post by phantomofalfred on October 22, 2019, 07:28:56 pm »
I tried many sets in my mahogany axes and ended up w D Activators.  Balanced eq Loud and not over compressed. Very open sounding. They excel at metal.  Mark Holcomb of Periphery used them before getting his own sig duncans.  I have those too but in my opinion the D Activators eat them for breakfast.
The Pickup Place / Re: PICKUP SET for IBANEZ RGAR42MFMT
« Last post by phantomofalfred on October 22, 2019, 07:20:26 pm »
So Darth i believe has tried both the combos of choice 2 and 3.   I once tried a duncan alt 8 and it sounded  metallic and klanky.  Had a weird pick attack.  Hope the satchur8 doesnt have that. What is the tonal difference in the sets Darth? I kind of dont like the idea of virtual vintage cause i like spiky mids and highs. But looks on paper the satchur8 is missing some highs.  Is the satchur8 good with crunch and harmonics?
Its amazing the difference speakers make.  I had a friend who worked in a music store and he learned you had to match the right amp with the right speaker with the right guitar to make a sale.  I often think people slag amps when the amp is fine but they are running it through the wrong speakers.
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