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The Pickup Place / What's up with the PAF master bridge?
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on Today at 10:48:20 am »
A4, 7.69k DCR, mean output 278mv. 


278mv is on the hot side of PAF output.  But A4 is a weak magnet; fully charged it is weaker than A5 or A2.  7.69k DCR is a low wind on a PAF and ought to be low output given the magnet choice.  I have some sub 8k PAFs I use in the bridge, but I use A8, which is the Hulk of magnets, because even with A5 they are low output and searingly bright (and they also have a DCR of more than 7.7k).

This all assumes it is an actual PAF and uses 42 ga wire. 

So I have to conclude that it does not use 42ga wire, because there is no way to get that sort of output level with that magnet and that DCR reading with 42.  I'd guess they're using 41 or some sort of metric equivalent, because 7.69k of 40 probably wouldn't fit on the coils. 

Anyone actually disassembled one?
The Pickup Place / strat bridge
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on Today at 10:40:24 am »
Depending on how dark you like things, 250k pots are fine with diMarzio's rail type single sized buckers.

Chopper:  Sounds like a slightly overwound PAF
Pro Track:  low side of medium hot, paf+
Air Norton S:  Low medium output but with more bass/low mids.  THis might be the one you're looking for.

There are a lot of other options that are significantly hotter and have very specific EQ curves, but they'll be pretty dark with 250k pots and the pronounced EQ bump might not be what you're looking for.
Are those slight drops in volume still noticeable or are they not a big deal?
The Pickup Place / Re: Transition Neck DP254 FBK as a Bridge Pickup
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on April 23, 2019, 08:18:27 pm »
I've always wondered about that; thanks for the report.
The Pickup Place / Transition Neck DP254 FBK as a Bridge Pickup
« Last post by Gavron on April 23, 2019, 04:09:59 am »
Finally I've got F spaced version of Transition Neck, and installed it in bridge position of my HSS Axe with Reverse Polarity Injector Neck in the middle position, ane Injector Neck as a neck pickup.  Wiring as follows: 5. Bridge series, 4. Bridge south coil+middle top (north) coil, 3. Bridge north+Neck top (south), 2. Bridge+middle top coils, 1. Neck. All positions hum cancelling. DP 254 is very fast, has some serious attack without being overall compressed. Seems to be the best of both worlds. - it has punch but it isn't high output pickup. Highly reccomend!
The Pickup Place / Axis pickup clone/copy?
« Last post by shred4Him on April 22, 2019, 11:10:31 pm »
For as popular and "mythic" as the Axis pickups are, I haven't really seen companies do their own game on them. Lots of copies of the Frankies and 5150 Kramers, and even some of the Wolfgangs, but there seems to be a distinct lack of attempts at the Axis versions. Most seem happy with the air Norton for the neck, but there is lots of debate about the tone zone. I am surprised companies haven't taken a shot at them, unless I am missing something.
The Pickup Place / Re: What to pair with A EVO 2?
« Last post by Moontalk09 on April 22, 2019, 04:52:26 pm »
I too have Evos in Yamaha SJ550HM and can confirm - unless it's a JEM7V or sth with 24 frets, the neck one is dark and muddy (proly due to its location?) to the extent that I often thought of changing it for sth much articulate and brighter, like not even a HB but a HB-sized P90 (e.g. Tonerider Rebel 90 or a Phat Cat).
Good luck with DP156, seems like an obvious choice, and it definitely got me thinking.
Ziggy made some good suggestions.

Keep in mind that to select between series and parallel coils for a humbucker you need a DPDT switch (most push-pull pots are this way). So if you get two push-pull pots to replace your volume and tone controls you can select series or parallel for each humbucker, which will get you the 4 must have selections.

With a three way blade switch you can then have the neck and bridge pickups in parallel. You can then select
- bridge series in parallel with neck series
- bridge series in parallel with neck parallel
- bridge parallel in parallel with neck series
- bridge parallel in parallel with neck parallel

That makes it 8 sounds.

For out-of-phase you also need a DPDT-switch but that would have to be an "on-off"-type. I would only use it with the individual pickups selected for series mode as the out-of-phase combination thins out the tone already - with individual pickups in parallel it could be too much. Anyway, that would give you another 4 sounds to play with for a total of 12 sounds.

I think I found a diagram for this one (barring the mini switch):

3 questions:
1. which wires will need to be connected to the on-off mini toggle switch for the out-of-phase functionality?
2. if I put a 5-way lever switch instead of the 3-way one, will there be any extra sound options available?
3. I also have a 5-way Schaller megaswitch ( Any use for it in this setup?

Many thanks for your time guys, much appreciated.
The Pickup Place / Re: Any chance of a stickied DiMarzio Mods post?
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on April 22, 2019, 03:11:27 pm »
Confirmed that the 316 stainless from McMaster-Carr is non-magnetic.  You can order rods in the correct diameter for slug poles (you have to cut your poles to length from the rod) and a number of socket screws from this material. 
The Pickup Place / Re: What to pair with A EVO 2?
« Last post by Wrath of nature on April 21, 2019, 10:40:00 am »
   Hoping this Humbucker from Hell does the trick, real pumped to hear this pickup in the neck for Heavy Metal.
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