Info about PRS SE 85/15s pickups

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Info about PRS SE 85/15s pickups
« on: September 28, 2020, 12:08:54 pm »
The Dimarzio pickup site lists each pickup with a relative output number for bass, mids, and treble, plus overall output, example bass-6 mid-7.5 treble-5 output 380 so you can compare pickups relative to each other. Does anyone have an idea how the PRS 85/15s pickups EQ curve and output compare using Dimarzio's relative numbers?; Or which Dimarzio or Duncan pickups they are most similar to? I like the neck 85/15s in my PRS SE; but the bridge overdrives more quickly than I want and it's more bright/thin/harsh ~and~ more thick mid and bassy than I want. I know that doesn't make sense but I want a bridge that sweeter/rounder in the top, maybe a little scooped but warm mids, and not as aggressive bass, with good vintage versatile jazz to classic rock tone. Maybe a Steve's Special in the bridge? I have a Les Paul Special with DLX Plus p90 sized hums and I like those pickups. Any suggestions appreciated.


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Re: Info about PRS SE 85/15s pickups
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2020, 12:31:58 pm »
It is very difficult to compare listed specs of different manufacturers. Not even of the same manufacturer ... A better comparison would be someone that replaced the 85/15 with something different, and that would also only be correct for that particular guitar.

Never played a Steve's Special but I have the DLX Plus - it is actually in a guitar that has a PRS shape and similar construction (mahogany body with maple top, set neck mahogany neck, rosewood board and wraparound bridge). I think it compliments the guitar very well. PRS guitars tend to be rich in the midrange so a pickup that is not midhyped such as the Steve's Special should work well.

A few years ago somebody complained on this forum about the honky tone of his PRS Custom and later solved the problem with a Transition bridge. 

Cheers Stephan
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