Hit a problem and need some advice

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Hit a problem and need some advice
« on: March 06, 2021, 04:30:36 am »
I decided I wanted a new guitar that didn't scream 'Metal' too much and I was all set on a Charvel Pro Mod So Cal Style 1 in Snow White. The problem is that I went to try one today and although it sounds great, after two neck-thru guitars and four PRS SE Custom 24 guitars, the upper fret access felt awful due to the thick neck joint. Back to the drawing board!!!

I want a guitar that's naturally brighter than my set-neck PRS guitars so I was thinking a bolt-on. I'd also prefer the body wood to be Alder with a maple neck, like the So Cal but mahogany might be OK. I don't know much about other woods but the bottom line is that it should be a relatively bright guitar, like the So Cal. I'm not too bothered if it's 22 or 24 frets but it needs to have a Floyd Rose 1000, not a Special. I'm also looking for an HH configuration or maybe HSH at a push.

The two alternatives that immediately leap to mind would be the Charvel Pro Mod DK24 HH FR or the Jackson Pro Dinky, as they're essentially the same guitar. I like the Charvel DK24 but the quilted amber top and gold hardware isn't exactly subtle. I also like the Jackson Pro Dinky but while I like the So Cal in white due to the black pickguard, I'm less keen on the Jackson in all white and in an ideal world, I'd like to avoid a pointy headstock.

What other options would be good for me to try?

If it's an Ibanez, it would need a locking bridge that is at least as good and reliable as a Floyd Rose and as I don't know which Ibanez trems are really good and which are poor, I've avoided the entire brand so far. Some information on the Edge bridges would be very useful.

There seems to be various neck-thru options around and I love the upper fret access on them but when I had my SL3 Soloist from Japan, I found it a very hard guitar to get pickups for due to the dominance of maple running throughout the guitar. This was of course the days when the maple from the neck went right through the body and the body was essentially just wings glued onto the neck, perhaps they're different now.

Any suggestions?