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The Pickup Place / Re: Dimarzio tech support MIA?
« on: January 10, 2021, 12:21:42 am »
Almost seems like they've stopped production.

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Although I wish there was some mention of the suspension of operations somewhere.

The Pickup Place / Re: Super Distortion vs 36th Anniversary bridge
« on: January 10, 2021, 12:08:03 am »
It wouldn't really be a fair to compare the two as they're two different classes of pickups. I've had both and I know what you mean by the SD having that ceramic top end. I'd probably try raising it and rolling down the tone control a tad to see if that helps with the top end.

The PAF 36th Bridge is a great pickup but I always found that it was a bit lacking in terms of output and used a clean boost or an overdrive pedal helped give it the output I needed. Never found them too bright or too middy though. Granted I've mostly used 500k and 550k pots in my guitars.

Have you considered just swapping the 1meg pots for 500k ones?

The Pickup Place / Re: Norton vs. Air Norton in bridge position
« on: January 06, 2021, 04:23:54 pm »
It's been a while since I last tried the Air Norton in the bridge but I don't remember it sounding a whole lot like the regular Norton which I really like in the bridge of some guitars.

The Pickup Place / Re: Dimarzio tech support MIA?
« on: January 06, 2021, 04:15:25 pm »
I haven't tried contacting them but I wouldn't be surprised if they're extremely short staffed during this whole pandemic thing.

Guitar Lounge / Re: Frankenstein Bass Question
« on: January 06, 2021, 04:06:17 pm »
It's definitely intimidating when you do this for the first time. If it were my project I'd start with making sure I measure out the scale length to sort out the placement of the bridge in the new body first. To do that just measure the length from the nut to the 12th fret on the neck. Then use that measurement to measure from the 12th fret down to the body. Where it lands is where the saddles will be on the bridge.

From there I'd get all the work done on the body and work on the neck in between coats when painting the body.

News & New Guys / Re: Big Server Update!
« on: January 03, 2021, 08:54:48 pm »
Just came back after a hiatus and can say with absolution that my post upload much quicker. Thanks for all of your hard work.
Glad to have you back!

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Sorry for the delayed response. I posted an answer to this question on my phone but it didn't seem to come through(airport wifi not that great).

The magic behind humbuckers is phase cancelling. Any part of a signal that is identical but in reverse polarity is effectively removed. 50/60hz hum can be cancelled out as the characteristics of the hum are exactly the same on both coils.

In theory EMI *should* be cancelled out as well and for all we know some of it might might actually get cancelled but the reason why humcancelling doesn't cancel out EMI very well is because each coil senses things differently and generates a different signal. If both coils were to sense and produce the exact same output signal, we would never hear the guitar strings when using a humbucker because the identical signals would get cancelled out.

Hopefully that makes sense. If that's incorrect, someone please correct me. It's been a while since I hit the engineering textbooks.

News & New Guys / Re: Big Server Update!
« on: December 23, 2020, 06:44:30 pm »
Found an issue with Tapatalk not liking the current configuration and thinks the database and the site are running two different versions of the forum software.

Looking into it now.

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If you connect the guitar to the amp. Do you still get the noise?
Additionally, if you are connected to your ME-25 with the amp unplugged but move around(or just move to a different area) does the noise change?

Just to provide a minor electronics primer. The electrical hum or mains hum is caused by the electrical pulse rate from AC power.
Humbuckers cancel hum by cancel similar signals through phase reversal. The ground wire in the humbuckers merely just complete the circuit. The bridge ground just grounds you and whatever electrons the strings and bridge pickup through the EMI in the air. Sometimes you get ground loops and lifting the bridge ground effectively takes you out of the overall circuit so whatever static electricity you have or any EMI you might have picked up is not filtered through.

I hope that makes sense. If I'm wrong on anything, please correct me. It's been a while.

News & New Guys / Happy Holidays!
« on: December 19, 2020, 01:06:30 pm »
I know it's 2020 and the world still makes about as much sense as late 80's and early 90's music videos but Christmas is a week away and the year is almost over. Whether you celebrate it or not, I'm wishing you all a Merry Christmas if you do, happy holidays if you don't (I'm assuming you get holidays unlike me) and that Santa leaves you with some great gear this holiday season!

Center Stage / Re: Deck the Halls with Metal!
« on: December 19, 2020, 01:00:40 pm »
Reminds me of the Merry Axemas albums Steve Vai produced. I love that this was a family effort!

Merry Christmas! :D

I did not think I was going to like the Liquifire since people often compare it to the Air Norton, and I thought the Air Norton was a mud puddle. I found the liquifire & Crunch Lab set used really cheap and tried it in an older basswood RG. The Liquifire is a fantastic neck pickup. Perfect for high gain solos. Where the PAF Pro can have sort of ice-picky highs and flubby bass, the Liquifire is more balanced.

I have to admit. After using the Air Norton and PAF Pro for years, the LiquiFire really did become one of my favourite neck pickups. The LF+CL set is still one of my most recommended pickup combos.

I guess you meant to say "you won't go wrong with the Liquifire".

Cheers Stephan

You got that right!

News & New Guys / Re: Big Server Update!
« on: December 10, 2020, 09:21:37 pm »
It seems the search function is only putting out a limited number of results for a given term.

I'll look into this. Thanks for letting me know.

Guitar Lounge / Re: Frankenstein Bass Question
« on: December 10, 2020, 12:52:01 am »
So far, and I haven't touched it in a whole because of work, COVID and money, I've got a bass neck, the bass bridge, and bass tuners I need. I just need to fill, drill, shape, sand, and paint the thing before I get my pick ups installed.
I got the ferrules and bridge post taken out, and I'm currently looking at widening the neck slot on the sides a little so I can fit the neck in. I decided to ditch the thru body set up and I'm just going to set it like a normal bass because that's a lot of work for a beginner. 😂

It was probably a good idea to ditch the thru-body setup as it would be a lot easier this way. Although it's not really *THAT* much harder to do.

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