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The Pickup Place / Looking for some pickup help. . .
« on: May 17, 2019, 11:29:55 pm »
Hey folks!

So I just picked up a Strandberg Classic 6 and I was kinda curious what you guys would recommend for a new pickup set. The stock units are actually really nice, but my apartment is old and has a ton of electrical noise, so they gotta go.
For the bridge, I want something that has decent output (more than the Virtual Hot PAF, as much or less than a Tone Zone), kinda warm (maybe a little more than a PAF Pro, but a little less than the Tone Zone), but mostly something transparent that lets the snappyness and resonance of the guitar shine through.
For the middle pickup, it's literally never gonna get used on it's own (position 3 is getting wired for neck+bridge split) so I'm looking for something that will make positions 2 and 4 pop a bit without losing too much output.
For the neck, I'm not really looking for a Stratty tone or a really authentic vintage single because honestly, I'm a modern prog guy and that stuff just goes  over my head :P I'm just looking for something that will work well tonally with the humbucker, so probably a darker, hotter kind of thing.

I'll be using this for clean cleans through to like Iron Maiden levels of dirt. I already have a pretty bright amp, so the pickups don't need a ton of treble, but I do want a lot of chord clarity, especially under gain. The attack doesn't have to be super pronounced, but I do want it to stay tight.

I was thinking either a Transition in the bridge with an Injector Neck in the middle and an Injector Bridge in the neck (I hear the Luke III HSS has a similar setup, and it's one of my favorite sounds) for something a little more modern, or a Norton with a Virtual Vintage 54 Pro in the middle and a V for something a little more tame. For pots, it's getting a 500k volume and a Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 in the neck.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Much appreciated, guys!

Woo first post nerves let's go :D

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