Hipshot Baby Grand Bridge...

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Hipshot Baby Grand Bridge...
« on: October 29, 2019, 05:20:51 PM »
A small disclaimer to start, these are only my initial thoughts after playing a freshly assembled parts-caster with this bridge for around 10 days (I'll put a reminder in my phone so I can add some long term thoughts down the road).  I've read some pretty shining reviews for this bridge and I was anxious to have a guitar that didn't require multiple flips to change strings.  That being said...

- Relatively easy to install (only two inserts for the threaded posts have to be driven into the body).
- Adjusting the height and intonation is much smoother than some of the TOM/nashville bridges I've run across.
- Very light but solid feeling.
- Transfers string vibration to the body wonderfully.

- The threaded posts don't fit quite as snugly into the body inserts as I'd really like.  They aren't loose by any stretch, but the bridge does lean towards the neck a couple of degrees.
- The high e and B strings make contact with the bridge just behind the saddle (it doesn't affect playability or intonation right now, but it's a potential break-down area in the future).
- The string holes on the tail piece are a bit on the small-ish side and, while the ends of my strings sit nicely inside them, getting the ends out to change strings was a task the first time (I ended up using on end of a bobby pin to gently push the ends out).

Overall, I dig it.  This guitar vibrates/resonates like crazy, sounds great and I haven't found any uncomfortable edges/surfaces while playing.  There are just a few little quirks that could be easily addressed that would make this bridge pretty close to perfect IMHO.


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Re: Hipshot Baby Grand Bridge...
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2019, 03:19:08 AM »
I love the baby grand bridge! I had it on a Gibson Les Paul Goddess I once had.
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