SSS Strat Pickup Combinations

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Re: SSS Strat Pickup Combinations
« Reply #15 on: January 24, 2023, 04:08:14 AM »
I take credit for the cap size, I was doing it before anyone else afaik. 

I experimented with smaller caps (although not that small) before  I had access to the internet but for those specific values Ray is right.

.0015uf cap bridge singles or FT1.  .001uf bridge humbucker (chopper for instance).  .0022uf neck/middle single, .0033uf or .0047uf in parallel positions.  I always use a super switch.  Regular 5 ways are so 1950s and pedantic...

Fully agree on the values, except that I normally use the  same value for everything but the bridge position for simplicity.
The regular switch severely limits the options  because the positions are fixed. Although I use it in the following setup: bridge Lollartron, middle/neck Injector neck - very simple setup, nothing fancy there.

One tone dedicated to bridge only, and it only operates in switch position 1.  2nd tone controls the other 4 positions, but may use different cap sizes in different positions, see above. 

500k (ones that measure 500k plus ONLY) in all positions except when doing the super duper series option wiring (I showed this to Stephan, but I'd appreciate it not being shared). 

A separate tone control for the bridge pickup is very useful. In fact I have one guitar  where the only tone control only controls the bridge pickup - no tone control on the neck pickup.

Again, thanks for the assistance with the wiring. It will not be shared. Any PM requests insofar will be ignored.

Cheers Stephan
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