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The Pickup Place / HFH vs Super 2 vs 36th
« on: November 01, 2014, 01:04:28 PM »
Looking for a neck humbucker for a darky and boomy mahogany Epiphone Les Paul, tuned to standard E. 10-46 strings. I will be wiring it to a switch for split or parallel for clean tones, so I'm focusing on finding something that will handle high gain dirty tones and not get mushy or flub out, specially I'm the lows (think of G and A barre chords, for example).

I do have experience with the HFH, but sort of find it a little rigid and stiff sounding. I'm intrigued by the output of the Super 2, but am concerned about it sounding too saturated. I'm also intrigued by the open vibe of the 36th neck, but am concerned about how it will perform with high gain.

#1. Any opinions on those options?


#2. Am I overlooking another option?


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