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Everything you wanted to know about .... / The FS-1
« on: June 15, 2009, 05:54:54 PM »
For those who want a huge, hot, fat strat (fs... ring a bell) sound, the FS-1 is for you. It cuts JUST enough of the high end off of a strat bridge to keep it from sounding harsh, but is still distinctly strat like. It adds this AMAZING grind to your sound. Made famous by David Gilmour, who used the pickup from the early '70s up until the late '90s (when that random other guy made him an overwond strat pickup).

Everything you wanted to know about .... / Evolution Neck
« on: June 02, 2009, 07:06:19 PM »
Fat, hot, warm, punchy, and harmonic-friendly. Sound familiar? It's the Evolution neck pickup. Steve Vai's signature neck pickup, it's meant to give a decent jolt of power when needed, but is also rather dynamic for a ceramic pickup and sounds great rolled back, especially with 250k pots to tame it up. Calibrated to match up with its hot brother, the Evolution bridge (another thread...), the Evolution neck is a great pickup overall.

If you want to hear it in action, listen to pretty much any Vai album Fire Garden and afterwards, or go to your local guitar shop and play a JEM7VWH, they come standard.

Everything you wanted to know about .... / The Bluesbucker
« on: June 01, 2009, 11:49:36 PM »
A highly overlooked pickup, the Bluesbucker is imho one of DiMarzio's best pickups. It's meant to sound like a P90 that looks and fits into a rout for a humbucker, and it does its job beautifully. Oh yeah, and it's fully hum-cancelling.

Where the Bluesbucker REALLY shines though is when it is tapped. Since the screw coil is activated whenever this pickup is tapped, it also sounds really neat when installed backwards, in either neck or bridge orientation; it almost sounds Tele-like.

Everything you wanted to know about .... / The Air Norton
« on: May 29, 2009, 11:52:12 PM »
Lots of players tend to prefer the Air Norton for its distorted tone. It's a very fat, full, thick tone that's rather well-rounded and can coax some interesting harmonics.

Personally, I've never been a fan of the Air Norton in the bridge (but then again, I've never really been a fan of the Air Norton... ;D)

Everything you wanted to know about .... / The PAF Pro
« on: May 24, 2009, 04:20:59 PM »
This is a pickup that defined the 80s. At the height of aftermarket pickup replacement, the PAF Pro was designed to be able to cut through heavy mixes and send a good tone/signal through large numbers of processors and effects. But the PAF Pro has become a pickup that also gives a great all-around rock tone. Steve Vai cemented this pickup's immortality with the first JEMs, running dual PAF Pros in the neck and bridge, and he was closely followed by the likes of Joe Satriani (his mentor- who else?), Paul Gilbert, and even Ritchie Sambora used these in the bridge of is signature strat. Fender used these as OEM on many humbucker-equipped guitars in the 80s and 90s, and with good reason.

I personally feel that the PAF Pro is a really organic, expressive pickup that allows you to do just about anything- cry, purr, wail, or laugh. Whatever you want your guitar to do, the PAF Pro is there for you.

Also worth noting is that the PAF Pro is a great overall pickup, and it's a great starting point to create a sound/rig on top of.

Everything you wanted to know about .... / The Tone Zone
« on: May 24, 2009, 04:16:04 PM »
There's a reason this is the go to pickup for many, including a decent number of users here. The Tone Zone is... well, the Tone Zone. Known for its HUGE low end and this GIANT wall of sound, the Tone Zone is great for a large number of applications. Its a thick, meaty, crunchy pickup that can really open up the low end of a guitar.

That being said, the Tone Zone is a finicky pickup that really needs to be adjusted to find its sweet spot. I personally hated this pickup for the longest time, as it had no definition at first, but really had to adjust the height of the pickup for a good two weeks before I found the Zone of Tone. And when I found it, well, let's just say that those two weeks were worth waiting for to find that spot.

Let's finally settle this once and for all...


And lastly, although the Tone Zone was designed as a bridge pickup, it also makes for an awesome neck pickup. This is best displayed in the following youtube clip. Yeah, the guy talks a lot, but hearing the Tone Zone in the neck is worth it.


Please post accordingly ;D

Everything you wanted to know about .... / The Norton
« on: April 03, 2009, 10:12:03 AM »
Since SO many people keep asking about this pickup, and I never have time to type everything up all of the time (although I love the pickup enough to do it), I thought I'd just make one all-encompassing thread on what I think is DiMarzio's best pickup: the Norton.

The Norton is, for lack of better description, the bastard child that would occur if a Tone Zone got it on with a FRED. It's got the harmonics of the FRED, but the output and a bit of low-end balls of the Tone Zone. Although, it's a bright pickup overall. It's got the nice midrange crunch needed for good overdrive and distortion, and a very distinctly PAF aftertaste.

I guess I should probably add the description and say that it's got the sweet smooth distortion that makes the Duncan JB so popular but has better bottom end (at least in my opinion) and doesn't have the annoying honkiness. It's also got that 80's hair metal / old school Van Halen vibe if that's what your going for. ie. Your ideal tone is lots of smooth sounding mids, polished top end and nice tight bottom end (kinda like your run way super models of the day).

Thanks to Avenger316 for the following sound clips:

dirty riffing

dirty solo

Thanks to LuredMaul for the following soundclips:


titled Norton Air P.A.F

I never had any intention to share this clip as I had just installed the pups and hit record; The patch used was heavy on the DELAY,CHORUS and Reveb,I'm used to this patch and just played what came to mind searching for what the pups did well and didn't do well. In this perticular guitar the "feel" of the Norton didn't work for me (Air Zone Won) I also tried the AIR mod ( brought on by this forum) on one of the S1(chrome polepiece P.A.F Pro) pups I had laying around. If I remember right,this is an Alder bodied Jem guitar thru a POD XT Live.

According to wsx3, Reb Beach used to use the Norton, and has kindly provided us with YouTube clips:
I have heard that Reb Beach from Winger used a Norton when he played with Dokken.  Here's a couple of vids



Wxs3 has also dug up an artist who's actually using the Norton in a mahogany bodied guitar (thanks again to wxs3):
I finally found someone who uses the Norton.  He has the HFH in the neck.  Not sure of what model ESP guitar he plays but here's a link

It almost sounds like a TZ except a little lighter and more harmonically friendly.  I may have to check it out.

Furthermore, our very own Orkestra's band, Aghast, has a myspace, page, and he uses the Norton:

Virtual Vintage Experiment
Avenger316 has also performed the Virtual Vintage mod on his Norton, here's the entire thread with the process, and sound clips before and after:

Some youtube videos:

I found this video of a guy with a Norton playing some chuggin.  Hope this helps you out.


Great clip of the Norton as well.

This post and thread will be edited, added to, and modified as time passes/more information accumulates.

I know that the 36th Anniversary PAF "replaced" the VPAF set, but to my ear it's a bit thicker and fatter; the thing I liked about the VPAF set is that it had a decent amount of brightness to it, yet still stayed fat, almost like a thicker Stratocaster pickup.

Post below if you'd like DiMarzio to bring back the Virtual PAF set!

The Pickup Place / DiMarzioForum Pickups FAQ
« on: August 12, 2008, 03:27:05 PM »
Since there are a LOT of repeat questions here that have been answered, I thought I'd post a bit of an FAQ.

-F Spaced?
F-Spaced was created because the saddles of Gibson's bridges don't match up with those of Strat bridges (different scale lengths, etc). At the time, DiMarzio created this "tremolo" spacing, and Floyd Roses were popular at the time, resulting in the name "F-Spaced." However, some Gibsons from the 1990's still need F-Spaced pickups because of the string spacing. As a rule of thumb, buy an F-Spaced pickup for your bridge slot if your bridge's string spacing is 2.1" (53mm) or larger, and an F-Spaced pickup for your neck slot if your nut width is 1 11/16" (43mm) or greater. You can also slant a regular spaced humbucker in order for it to match up with F-Spaced size bridges. All DiMarzio single coil pickups are already F-Spaced.

-Custom Colors?
DiMarzio gives you the option of having colored bobbin tops (see DiMarzio's website for available colors), as well as a variety of chrome, gold, or black polepieces on pickups (silver or black for bar coils, and all single coil rail pickups have black rails). Standard bobbin colors are double cream, double black, or zebra (outside coil black, inside coil cream) and standard polepiece colors vary from pickup to pickup (e.g. silver for PAF Joe, black for PAF Pro, etc.; see below for details). The upcharge for custom bobbin colors is ususally ~$5, and the upcharge for custom polepieces is $10.

The following are considered "standard" pickup bobbin colors from DiMarzio and are available for order at no extra charge:
Double Cream
Double Black
Zebra (One coil black, one coil cream)

ALL Pickups come with chrome polepieces as standard with the exception of the following:
DP102 - X2N (Black)
DP151 - PAF Pro (Black)
DP152 - Super 3 (Black)
DP158 - Evolution Neck (Black)
DP159 - Evolution Bridge (Black)
DP200 - Steve Morse Model Bridge (Black)
DP205 - Steve Morse Model Neck (Black)
DP215 - Evo 2 (Black)
DP221 - D Activator-X Neck (Black)
DP222 - D Activator-X Bridge (Black)
DP705 - X2N 7 (Black)

-Custom Ordering Options?
As stated above, you can order custom bobbin colors for an upcharge of ~$5 for most non-standard pickup colors (with the exception of camoflage and chrome bobins, which are both and upcharge of $50) as well as custom polepiece colors for an upcharge of $10. You can also order single coil stratocaster pickups without the triangular flange on the bottom (similar to EMG pickups) for no extra charge, and non-stagger the polepieces in pickups that would otherwise have staggered polepieces for an upcharge of $45.

Airbuckers are humbuckers that have a gap of air between the pickup's magnet and polepieces. This weakens the magnetic field of the pickup, allowing greater string sustain and a slightly more vintage voicing.

LuredMaul has posted a very nice thread regarding the airbucker mod and how to perform it, found here:

-Virtual Vintage?
On pickups that have Virtual Vintage technology, DiMarzio adds some material between polepieces, usually headless screws. This is not visible on humbuckers as they are covered by the bobbins, but if you remove the cover of a single coil they are visible. Virtual Vintage technology essentially smooths out the highs and tightens up the lows, which can smooth out a pickup without letting it get muddy. In tech terms, VV technology increases inductance without affecting resistance or capacitance.

More info here, courtesy of our admin, budd:

-Dual Resonance?
Dual Resonance technology is when DiMarzio tunes the two coils of a humbucker to different frequencies, allowing harmonics to jump out a little more and bringing out a lot of interesting overtones, depending on the pickup. A lot of unconventionally-sounding humbuckers (Humbucker From Hell, FRED, Evolution, etc.) have this technology, providing for a kick-ass pickup. Though, that's not to say that other "conventional" humbuckers don't have it (Tone Zone, for example).

-How do I know what technologies are in my pickups?
Go to DiMarzio's website, look up the pickup, and the pickup will have a specified Patent Number(s, if necessary). There are some exceptions, like the Mo' Joe has Virtual Vintage technology and Dual Resonance, although DiMarzio only has the patent for Dual Resonance on their site.

Courtesy of Schneidas:
Quote from: Schneidas
Here are the various DiMarzio patent numbers:

-Dual Resonance: 4,501,185
-Airbucker: 5,399,802
-Virtual Vintage: 5,908,998
-Stack design (e.g. HS-3): 4,442,749

there are also 2 other patent numbers that I'm not sure about:

-5,908,802 - found on the Virtual Solo & Virtual '54 Pro - could be either a mistake on the DiMarzio site (maybe they meant the VV technology - 5,908,998), or they used someone else's patent on that pickup (if you look it up, it shows that it's a patent issued by some other company)

-5,811,710 - found on the VV Solo, Solo Pro, Blues - I guess it's again the stack design in slight variation

-Pickup Output?
This is a common misconception. Many people believe that high-output pickups can't clean up, and that low-output pickups can't handle distortion. All that output really means is how easily a pickup can drive an amp into full overdrive or distortion. That's not to say, though, that an EJ Custom or Air Classic can't be used for thrash metal, or that an X2N can't be played clean. It just means that they'll be better suited for their respective jobs. Remember: Overdrive and Distortion come from either an amplifier's preamp or an effects chain, not the pickup itself.
All that really matters is that your bridge pickup should have equal or higher output than your neck pickup, because the neck pickup slot is closer to the antinode of the string, which vibrates more freely and is hence louder. In order to balance out your pickup set, put a pickup of the same or higher output in the bridge than is in the neck. You also need the middle pickup in three-pickup arrangements to have equal or less output than the neck pickup, as to why I honestly don't know.

Output is measured as such:

In case anyone else is interested in measuring output of Dimarzio pickups, here's the specifics (from a Dimarzio tech via email)

we measure the RMV voltage from
the pickup into a 20K ohm load 333 ms after the initial voltage peak
using only the A string with all other strings muted.

-What's the output of pickup ____ ?
Our admin, buddroyce, has so kindly provided us with this chart:

Pickup Height?
Recently, there have been issues with the rout size of certain guitars (namely, the RG 1570 from 2008ish) and the height of certain DiMarzios. Supposedly, the pickup rout is too shallow to accompany the height of most ceramic magnet pickups, causing the strings to lay on the pickup. Here is a chart as to which pickups have which height dimensions:

Pickup Heights

-What pickups does DiMarzio offer?
From their website, here is the complete list. I've also made some edits, adding in pickups that aren't there (True Velvets, etc.):
DP100 - Super Distortion®  - Available Today
DP101 - Dual Sound®  - Available Today
DP102 - X2N® - Available Today
DP103 - PAF®  - Available Today
DP104 - Super 2™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP105 - DLX-1™  - Not  Available
DP106 - SCHB™  - Not  Available
DP107 - MegaDrive™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP108 - VS-1™  - Not  Available
DP109 - TDS-1™  - Not  Available
DP110 - FS-1™  - Available Today
DP111 - SDS-1™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP112 - Pre B-1™  - Available Today
DP113 - HT-1™  - Not  Available
DP114 - VT-1™  - Not  Available
DP115 - HS-1™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP116 - HS-2™  - Available Today
DP117 - HS-3™  - Available Today
DP118 - HS3-T™  - Not  Available
DP119 - Class of ’55™  - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP175 - True Velvet™ Neck or DP175S - True Velvet™ Middle
DP120 - Model One™  - Available Today
DP121 - Model G™  - Not  Available
DP122 - DiMarzio Model P®  - Available Today
DP123 - DiMarzio Model J™ - Available Today
DP124 - VP-1™  - Not  Available
DP125 - X2N-B™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP126 - DiMarzio Model P J™ - Available Today
DP127 - Split P™  - Available Today
DP128 - Alchemy 101™  - Not  Available
DP130 - Acoustic Model™  - Available Today
DP131 - Acoustic 2™  - Not  Available
DP132 - Acoustic Quick Mount™  - Not Available
DP133 - Quick Mount Pro™  - Not Available
DP134 - Elemental™  - Available Today
DP135 - Super Natural™  - Not  Available
DP136 - Super Natural Plus™  - Available Today
DP137 - Acoustic Bass™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP138 - Virtual Acoustic™  - Available Today
DP139 - Reference Acoustic™ - Available Today
DP140 - Active Acoustic™  - Not  Available
DP141 - Active Model P™  - Not  Available
DP142 - Active Model J™  - Not  Available
DP143 - Active Model P and J™  - Not  Available
DP144 - Shock Wave System™  - Not  Available
DP145 - Will Power™ Neck  - Available Today
DP146 - Will Power™ Middle  - Available Today
DP147 - Ultra Jazz™ Neck  - Available Today
DP148 - Ultra Jazz™ Bridge  - Available Today
DP149 - Ultra Jazz™ Neck and Bridge - Available Today
DP150 - Double Whammy™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP151 - PAF Pro®  - Available Today
DP152 - Super 3™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP153 - FRED®  - Available Today
DP154 - DLX Plus™ Bridge  - Available Today
DP155 - The Tone Zone®  - Available Today
DP156 - Humbucker From Hell®  - Available Today
DP157 - MultiBucker™  - Not Available
DP158 - Evolution® Neck  - Available Today
DP159 - Evolution® Bridge  - Available Today
DP160 - Norton®  - Available Today
DP161 - Steve’s Special™  - Available Today
DP162 - DLX Plus™ Neck  - Available Today
DP163 - Bluesbucker® - Available Today
DP164 - DLX-90™  - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP165 - The Breed™ Neck  - Available Today
DP166 - The Breed™ Bridge  - Available Today
DP167D - DiMarzio Soapbar™ (dog-ear)  - Available Today
DP167S - DiMarzio Soapbar™ (soapbar)  - Available Today
DP168 - DiMarzio Minibucker™ - Available Today
DP169 - Virtual P-90™  - Available Today
DP170 - Blue Velvet™  - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP175 - True Velvet™ Neck or DP175S - True Velvet™ Middle
DP171 - Blue Velvet™ Bridge  -- Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP176 - True Velvet™ Bridge
DP172 - Twang King™ Neck - Available Today
DP173 - Twang King™ Bridge  - Available Today
DP174 - Red Velvet™  - Available Today
DP175 - True Velvet™ Neck  - Available Today
DP175S - True Velvet™ Middle  - Available Today
DP176 - True Velvet Bridge - Available Today
DP177 - True Velvet™ Neck  - Available Today
DP178 - True Velvet™ Bridge  - Available Today
DP180 - Air Nortan S™ - Available Today
DP181 - Fast Track 1™  - Available Today
DP182 - Fast Track 2™  - Available Today
DP183 - Fast Track T™, Now DP381 - Fast Track T™
DP184 - The Chopper™  - Available Today
DP185 - Half Track™  - Not  Available
DP186 - The Cruiser® Neck  - Available Today
DP187 - The Cruiser® Bridge  - Available Today
DP188 - Pro Track™  - Available Today
DP189 - The Tone Zone S™  - Available Today
DP190 - Air Classic™ Neck  - Available Today
DP191 - Air Classic™ Bridge  - Available Today
DP192 - Air Zone™  - Available Today
DP193 - Air Norton™  - Available Today
DP194 - PAF Classic™ Neck  - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP190 - Air Classic Neck™
DP195 - PAF Classic™ Bridge  - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP191 - Air Classic Bridge™
DP196 - Virtual PAF™ Neck - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP103 - PAF®
DP197 - Virtual PAF™ Bridge - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP223 - PAF® Bridge
DP198 - DiMarzio Hot Minibucker™ - Available Today
DP200 - Steve Morse Model™ Bridge  - Available Today
DP201 - Al DiMeola Model™ Neck - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP202 - Al DiMeola Model™ Bridge - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP203 - Rick Derringer Model™ Neck - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP204 - Rick Derringer Model™ Bridge - Available from DiMarzio Custom Shop *Special Order
DP205 - Steve Morse Model™ Neck  - Available Today
DP206 - Brian May Model™ - Not Available
DP207 - D Sonic™ - Available Today
DP209 - P-90 Super Distortion™ - Available Today
DP213 - PAF Joe™ - Available Today
DP214 - Virtual Hot PAF® - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP223 - PAF® Bridge
DP216 - Mo' Joe™ - Available Today
DP217 - YJM™  - Available Today
DP218 - Super Distortion S™ - Available Today
DP219 - D Activator™ Neck - Available Today
DP220 - D Activator™ Bridge - Available Today
DP221 - D Activator™ X Neck - Available Today
DP222 - D Activator™ X Bridge - Available Today
DP223 - PAF Bridge® - Available Today
DP224 - AT1™ - Available Today
DP225 - BC-1™ - Availablle Today
DP226 - BC-2™ - Available Today
DP227 - LiquiFire™ - Available Today
DP228 - Crunch Lab™ - Available Today
DP318 - Super Distortion T™ - Available Today
DP380 - Air Nortan T™ - Available Today
DP381 - Fast Track T™  - Available Today
DP384 - The Chopper T™  - Available Today
DP389 - The Tone Zone T™  - Available Today
DP401 - Virtual Vintage® 2.1 - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP415 - Area '58™
DP402 - Virtual Vintage® Blues  - Available Today
DP403 - Virtual Vintage® Heavy Blues - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement  DP409 - Virtual Vintage® Heavy Blues 2
DP404 - Virtual Solo  - Available Today
DP404 - Virtual Vintage® Solo  - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP420 - Virtual Solo™
DP405 - Virtual Vintage® ’54 - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement  DP408 - Virtual Vintage® '54 Pro
DP406 - Virtual Vintage® ’54 Bridge - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement  DP408 - Virtual Vintage® '54 Pro
DP407 - VirtuAL 2® Neck, Now DP416 - Area '61™
DP408 - Virtual Vintage® '54 Pro  - Available Today
DP408 - VirtuAL 2® Middle - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement  DP408 - Virtual Vintage® '54 Pro
DP409 - Virtual Vintage® Heavy Blues 2  - Available Today
DP409 - VirtuAL 2® Bridge - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement  DP409 - Virtual Vintage® Heavy Blues 2
DP410 - Virtual Vintage® 2.2 - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP416 - Area '61™
DP411 - Virtual T™ Neck - Not Available
DP412 - Virtual T™ Bridge - Not Available
DP413 - Virtual Hot T™ Bridge - Available Today
DP414 - Virtual Vintage® Solo Pro - Not Available  *Recommended Replacement DP420 - Virtual Solo™
DP415 - Area '58™ - Available Today
DP416 - Area '61™ - Available Today
DP416 - Area T™ Neck - Available Today
DP418 - Area T™ Bridge - Available Today
DP419 - Area '67™ - Available Today
DP420 - Virtual Solo™ - Available Today
DP421 - Area Hot T™ Bridge - Available Today
DP547 - Ultra Jazz 5™ Neck - Available Today
DP548 - Ultra Jazz 5™ Bridge - Available Today
DP549 - Ultra Jazz 5™ Neck and Bridge - Available Today
DP700 - Blaze™ Neck  - Available Today
DP701 - Blaze™ Middle  - Available Today
DP702 - Blaze™ Bridge  - Available Today
DP703 - Blaze™ Custom  - Available Today
DP704 - Evolution 7™ - Available Today
DP705 - X2N 7™ - Available Today
DP706 - D Sonic 7™ - Available Today
DP707 - LiquiFire 7™ - Available Today
DP708 - Crunch Lab 7™ - Available Today
DP719 - D Activator 7™ Neck - Available Today
DP720 - D Activator 7™ Bridge - Available Today
DP755 - Tone Zone 7™ - Available Today
DP759 - PAF 7™ - Available Today
DP793 - Air Norton 7™ - Available Today

-Special Order Pickups
These are pickups that DiMarzio offers and can easily make, but aren't standard production models and can easily be ordered.
DP104 - Super 2
DP107 - MegaDrive
DP111 - SDS-1
DP115 - HS-1
DP125 - X2N-B
DP137 - Acoustic Bass
DP150 - Double Whammy
DP152 - Super3
DP164 - DLX-90
DP201 - Al DiMeola Model Neck
DP202 - Al DiMeola Model Bridge
DP203 - Rick Derringer Model Neck
DP204 - Rick Derringer Model Bridge


Thanks to JohnnyGtar for pulling up this list previously!

Selected OEM pickup models

Model Made for Retail Equivalent

C2 Ibanez Similar to HS-2 (DP116)
C3 Ibanez No equivalent. Closest model is Blue Velvet Bridge (DP171)
F1 Ibanez No equivalent. Closest model is The Breed Bridge (DP166)
F2 Ibanez No equivalent. Closest model is The Tone Zone (DP155)
F3 Ibanez No equivalent. Closest model is Super 3 (DP152)
F4 Ibanez No equivalent. Closest model is PAF (DP103)
H1 Fender Same as Super 3 (DP152)
H2 Fender Same as Super 3 (DP152)
H3 Fender No equivalent. Closest model is Evolution Neck (DP158)
H4 Fender No equivalent. Closest model is The Breed Neck (DP165)
H5 Fender No equivalent. Closest model is The Breed Neck (DP165)
H6 Fender No equivalent. Closest model is PAF (DP103)
H7 Fender No equivalent. Closest model is F1 model for Ibanez
H8 Fender Similar to PAF Pro (DP151)
S1 same as Paf Pro
P1 same as Paf Pro
K10 Same as super 2

Here's a list of OEM DiMarzio pickups that can't be purchased:
Ernie Ball Music Man
Axis Neck Pickup
Axis Bridge Pickup
Silhouette Middle Pickup
Silhouette Gold Roller Bridge Mini-Humbucker

H1 Same as Super 3 (DP152)
H2 Same as Super 3 (DP152)
H3 No equivalent. Closest model is Evolution Neck (DP158)
H4 No equivalent. Closest model is The Breed Neck (DP165)
H5 No equivalent. Closest model is The Breed Neck (DP165)
H6 No equivalent. Closest model is PAF (DP103)
H7 No equivalent. Closest model is F1 model for Ibanez
H8 Similar to PAF Pro (DP151)
H9 Similar to Air Norton (DP193)
H10 Similar to Tone Zone (DP155)

TransJem Neck Pickup (offered only on the JEM20)
TransJem Bridge Pickup (offered only on the JEM20)
C3 No equivalent. Closest model is Blue Velvet Bridge (DP171)
F1 No equivalent. Closest model is The Breed Bridge (DP166)
F2 No equivalent. Closest model is The Tone Zone (DP155)
F3 No equivalent. Closest model is Super 3 (DP152)
F4 No equivalent. Closest model is PAF (DP103)

You can also always check DiMarzio's FAQ:

There's also the aforementioned chart that buddroyce posted, regarding the output of all the pickups:

buddroyce has also created a helpful diagram for pickup companies and wiring color codes:

More info on Virtual Vintage Technology:

Here's the chart with which DiMarzios have what height dimensions: Pickup Heights

If you need to e-mail DiMarzio, they're very helpful and will answer just about anything (including selecting a pickup!); I've always received an e-mail response from them within a few hours on a business day: [email protected]

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