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The Pickup Place / Pickup similar to AT-1
« on: January 18, 2023, 02:32:02 AM »
Hey all. I have an AT-1 in an Ibanez AZ, and I love it! Seriously got me loving bridge pickups again after a long period of dissatisfaction.
I'm putting together a double 'bucker tele build, and I want something similar, but maybe a bit less compressed and ...maybe "nasally" in the mids would be the right word? Something similar, but more "open". Slightly lower output would be OK, but I love how the AT-1 can do everything from blues to Van Halen.

Would the Fortitude be a good option? Not looking for a huge change at all: versatile vintage+ attitude. "Worst"-case, I'll just go for another AT-1.


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