Lovepedal Tchula 'Burst'

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Lovepedal Tchula 'Burst'
« on: October 03, 2019, 05:56:21 PM »
If you're unfamiliar with Lovepedal, I'll spare you the boring minutia about Sean's greatly lauded and simultaneously despised work.  To keep it short, his typical business model has been to constantly make small changes/modifications to his circuits (which he openly admits are derived in some fashion or another from other designs; some folks really don't like that, but pedal makers do it all the time) and then sell them as different versions with varying differences in sound.  For example:  The original Tchula was a modified Church of Tone (or COT 50; which was meant to emulate an old cranked marshall amp).  This version, the 'Burst' is supposed to be the warmest version of that circuit that Sean has built (this is similar to his Eternity Burst, which is the warmest version of that circuit he makes). 

All that being said, I've owned a Tchula twice before (a white one and a gold one if memory serves; not sure if there were any differences in those two other than aesthetics).  Those were both a bit bright and lacked a bit of low end for my tastes.  The burst seems to remedy those ailments in my ears while having a much more appealing appearance as well (think Gibson's Tobacco 'burst finish).  Perhaps it's my ears, my guitar or amp, but I've never heard the similarities to the stereotypical marshall sound.  I've always just heard the Tchula as a lower gain gritty transistor drive.  In the sea of TS's and Klones the Tchula has a mildly unique voice and the spartan layout appeals to my inner caveman.  If you'd like some sound samples, google Mr. Josh Smith with the word Tchula and listen to him (he's a vastly better player than I am anyway).  I hope the day finds you all well.


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Re: Lovepedal Tchula 'Burst'
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2021, 11:58:41 AM »
I happen to like Sean's pedals. I think those slight tweaks sold as variations on a theme being sold simultaneously with the original design is a terrific idea. How many times have you tried out a pedal with your rig and thought, "If only it had this or that"? You have a better chance of getting something to gel with your rig.
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