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The Pickup Place / Help with all maple hss guitar
« on: March 29, 2021, 09:10:11 AM »

I have an all maple neck through Carvin dc135 with hss pickups. The middle pickups is a little bit closer to neck than it usually is, and this probably causes that the "in between" tones are not as good.

Now the guitar has chopper in the neck and megadrive in the rear position.
I tried original h11n stacked humbucker and sds-1 in the middle. I liked them alone, but with neck or bridge pickups (split or coils in series) sound was rather boring.

I was thinking to take a different approach to the cleaner sound, and forget those "in between" sound. Maybe I need a singlecoil sized humbucker with series/parallel/split switch.

Which pickups would be good in the middle? I already have second a chopper and a fast track 1.

I am usually using the middle pick up for cleaner rhythm tones. Now I was planning to get some more hotter sounds too.

The routings in the guitar are a little bit weird, and strat pickups does not fit in with that lid. I have already removed the lid from one chopper, and it is not a problem any more.

The Pickup Place / Mega drive in bridge, what in neck?
« on: April 12, 2020, 02:41:56 PM »

I have a mega drive laying around and and I am planning to install it in some of my guitar at some point. Usually I like quite hot neck pick ups with similar tone character as the bridge pick up. I'm also using a lot of parallel/series switch.

I had megadrive in my Charvel model 5 and I tried paf pro and evo neck with it. Paf pro worked well but evo was little bit too middy compared to bridge sound. I also like air norton in 24 fret guitars with mid heavy bridge pick ups but I'm quite sure it is not the pick up I'm looking for.

So the paf pro might be the pick up but what other there there is to go with the mega drive in bridge position? I already having paf pro in neck position of my Charvel so cal and I want to try something new.

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