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The Pickup Place / Michael Frank Braun designed Strandberg Prog HBs?
« on: April 16, 2021, 02:28:03 PM »
Seeing the other post about MFB, i remembered that i wanted to ask the following.

Which Dimarzio humbucker would be closest to those new Michael Frank Braun designed Strandberg Prog HBs? Jack Gardiner reviews them here:

I love the tone - elastic and lively, warm but still crunchy. Would love to know what DiMarzio could achieve that.

The Pickup Place / Patent numbers gone...
« on: March 23, 2021, 04:34:12 PM »
I wonder why DiMarzio removed the patent numbers from their website? It was a perfect technical resource, so that i could always see what pickups have Dual Resonance, VV or Airbucker Design, and have a ballpark idea if they will work with my rig.

Does anyone know where i could find this detailed technical information these days? For instance i would love to know what patent numbers the Dreamcatcher and Rainmaker have... I tried in the DiMarzio catalogue PDF, but it's omitted there as well.

The Pickup Place / Is there a wiring to switch H-S-H to H-H temporarily?
« on: January 08, 2020, 05:58:11 PM »
I'd like to know if you guys know if there's a wiring possible, that would allow me to switch my H-S-H pickup config into a H-H config, for example with a push/pull poti?

Unfortunately i only can afford one single guitar, which is HSH with a 5-way switch - and i love using the single coil from time to time. But sometimes i really want those lovely H-H combination sounds like "neck in parallel" or "HB+HB split in parallel" etc.

Any ideas, or is this too far out?  :madness:

The Pickup Place / Curious: Dry vs wet sounding pickups?
« on: January 07, 2020, 01:04:52 PM »
I've wondered for years: What property of a humbucker makes it have a more dry distortion vs a more wet/juicy one? Is it the EQ (like more/less mids)? Is it the magnet (alnico vs. ceramic)? Is it DC?

I know that the pick can influence the attack: Tortex makes it more "dry", Ultex or Nylon makes it more "juicy". But ignoring the attack part, playing multiple strings, some pickups ring dryer, like air under pressure (like the Evolution, PAF Pro, Transition); and some sound wetter, more like sputtering oil (Illuminator, Tone Zone).

I'm trying to find out if there is any consistent property that can "predict" in what category a pickups falls. Would be extremely useful for me when choosing a new model, because i hate dry sounding pickups - as a tone connoisseur i find them boring. :)

The Pickup Place / Blaze Middle SC hum-cancelling?
« on: July 27, 2015, 06:07:56 PM »
never mind...

The Pickup Place / Ionizer 7 set impressions (updated)
« on: December 18, 2014, 05:49:51 PM »
Well, as promised (and requested as well), here my impressions of the Ionizer 7 bridge. I had it for a short time in my Apex100 and didn't like the sound, so i wasn't very thorough.

I play through a Kemper and i'm more of a fusion guy, though i love and want to play a very broad spectrum of music styles. Tonally i'm a fan of Vai, Jens Johansson and Alex Argento. I'm not into vintage stuff and not a purist either. What sounds good and gets the job done, is good. Period. One of my all time favorites and maybe the best guitar sound ever recorded to date is Vai's "The Riddle". Since i love the frequency response of basswood  but hate the dynamics, and i love the dynamics of alder but don't like the frequency response, i'm trying to create a basswoolder guitar by using 010 strings on alder and fat humbuckers. [EDIT: I'm using .095 strings now, and it seems to work better. The 010 were too punchy/rough in alder.]

I want my guitar sound to be a mix of synthetic qualities and guitar dynamics. And since Tosin Abasi sounded quite synthetic with his solo sound on his recent record, and i liked the Gravity Storm bridge, i ordered the Ionizer 7, because DiMarzio said it would sound similar to the GS. It didn't.  ::)

Alongside the fact that it was a shortsighted decision, i found it to be a poor choice for alder. Too much high mids, too little low mids. It lacks body for the sound i crave. I wanted a focused sound with a strong fundamental, but lots of overtones, but it seems these are contradictory elements of a pickup's sound (better to enhance the fundamental with plec choice). The Ionizer 7 was too rounded and lifeless, too little crunch and growl. Too cold and grating, boring pinch harmonics. It seems that this string separation thing is not my cup of tea. I need fatness.

The thing i hated most was the high frequency focused pick attack. But tight it is, this Ionizer, for sure.

Interesting fact: i played ca. 40-50 of my favorite high gain sounds with the Ionizer 7 and the only one that sounded good was a Meambobo-modified Djemass-MesaBoogie profile. After i switched back the Blaze Bridge, almost all of these sounds sounded great again. Smoothness, crunch, warmth (despite the ceramic magnets), very responsive, growling and chunky. The attack is more in the mids, like i prefer, and it has some subtle gritty and searing qualities that i like, without being grindy or raspy.

That's all i can think of, for now. If someone has questions, shoot.  :)

[EDIT:] The story continues below...

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