what do you think of this pickup config?

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what do you think of this pickup config?
« on: September 15, 2022, 10:20:08 AM »
Old: SSS Fast Track 1 neck/Chopper middle/Fast Track 2 bridge.
New: HSS Fast Track 1 neck/Chopper middle/Evolution bridge bridge.

Neck has 22 frets.

Height-wise, i have the Chopper and Evolution set to where they sound perfect to me and can blend with each other well, but i'm having a balance problem with the Fast Track 1 in the neck, which is too weak. Raising it to a height where it can  _almost_  match volume-wise brings it really close to the strings and magnetic pull now causes beating at the high frets. I also find i want a more humbucker-y tone in the neck nowadays, and the Fast Track 1 is just too single coil-y.

I've been thinking of replacing the Fast Track 1 with another Chopper, but before i go spending money, what can you say about this config instead:

Move the Chopper to the neck, replacing the Fast Track 1 and bring back the Fast Track 2 and put it in the middle.

I'm thinking that the high-powered Fast Track 2 might be really dark in the neck position (because 22 frets), but in the middle it would be less dark because it's closer to the bridge. Also, it might give me more of a 24-fret neck position tone.

Has anybody tried the Fast Track 2 in the middle?
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Re: what do you think of this pickup config?
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2022, 05:40:38 AM »
Of all the pickups you mentioned I have only used the Chopper, and only in the bridge position.

Since you already have the pickups at hand, why not try Evo bridge, FT2 middle and Chopper neck. If the FT2 is too dark and you like the Chopper in the neck, get another Chopper for the middle. If the Chopper is too dark in the neck but you like the FT2 in the middle, you could consider a Satch Track for the neck. If both are too dark, put the Chopper back in the middle and get a Satch Track for the neck.

Good luck,
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