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Title: Roland Blues Cube BC-30 (original version)
Post by: Strangeman86 on November 14, 2019, 10:27:45 AM
Some folks will probably shake their heads and/or look down their noses at me for this, but I really enjoy this amp.  As mentioned in the title, this is the original, 1x12 version of the Blues Cube 30 watt-er (Roland also made a 2x10 version, and I'd love to pick one of those up in the future to compare them).  I picked it up at a local Music-Go-Round in very excellent condition.  This one has two channels with a shared EQ section (the clean channel is simply a gain/pre/volume knob and a bright switch, the dirty channel has pre-post/gain-volume controls; their is a master presence and a master volume.  First and foremost, the clean channel.  It's quite wonderful.  I used to only enjoy pristine, no breakup whatsoever clean sounds, but as of late I've been preferring a little hair/sparkle on my cleans.  Setting the clean channel to half on the volume gives me just that, a bit of hair if I dig in and clinically clean when played softly.  Crank the clean channel and there's a little AC/small Marshall-esque attitude available.  The dirty channel is also really great and has enough dirt on tap for some classic rock, but this is not a metal amp (but hotter pickups or a good boost pedal will obviously help you out here). 

Personally, I needed an amp like this.  I don't perform with anyone (though I'm not opposed to it), I'm really just an enthusiast.  I don't need a big, loud amp (this amp isn't nearly as loud as the Blues Cube Hot I had and shared my thoughts on a little while back, but I don't mind that).  I really only need a great sounding, reliable and portable combo for my bedroom.  The BC-30 does precisely what I need.
Title: Re: Roland Blues Cube BC-30 (original version)
Post by: Strangeman86 on November 19, 2019, 07:29:25 AM
Just a couple of additions.  First, after some digging in older forums I happened upon some opinions, that my ears seem to support, which stated that the stock 12" speaker in these little combos is closely related to a greenback.  I've swapped out that speaker, for now, with an eminence CV-75 (massaged V30 with a lot less high-mid harshness).  This has given me a bit more headroom on the high end, less speaker breakup, a tighter bottom end and this speaker handles higher volumes much better before it loses its mind (so to speak).  Some folks likely wouldn't enjoy the backing off in the mids, but my guitar/playing doesn't.

Second, I like the lack of high gain on this thing.  It's giving me a chance to clean up my playing quite a bit, and that's never a bad thing.  I hope the day/night finds you all well.
Title: Re: Roland Blues Cube BC-30 (original version)
Post by: Guitar74 on July 15, 2020, 11:28:14 AM
I like the CV and have thought very hard about putting it in one of my combos as well. That lack of gain will definitely clean up your technique. Whenever I start hearing slop in my technique I go to practicing on the clean channel with no effects. Helps alot.