Super 2 or D Activator neck

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Super 2 or D Activator neck
« on: August 17, 2021, 12:55:45 PM »
Been trying to figure out a good neck pup for my Epi Flying V (black w/white pickguard). Managed to find a Super D for the bridge (black uncovered w/nickel poles). Pretty much decided on the Super 2 for the neck, but have only found one in double cream and another in black w/black poles. Both might look a little funny but I'm willing to do it if I really don't have other options.

I managed to find a D Activator neck in black and white, which would definitely be a cool look. Most important is obviously how it sounds. On the DiMarzio website, its specs are very, very similar to the Super 2, almost negligible difference.  I've emailed the company to ask how the two pups compare, and heard nothing back. Also called several times and can't get anyone.  I was told by one shop that they had waited 9 months for just one pickup and that the DiMarzio employees refuse to go back to work. Obviously don't know the whole truth other than something is seriously wrong with them right now.

So...does anybody have experience with the D Activator neck and the Super 2 in the neck? Can you tell me how similar they actually are, and where they differ? Similar tonally or not? I'm really jacked to get this guitar set up, just one last little hurdle to clear...