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For splitting the Bluesbucker is king because the output drop in split mode is minimal

But this is what concerns me. The neck will be substantially louder than the bridge when I split them, right? Assuming I use something like an AT-1 or PAF 36 bridge.

For semi-hollow guitars I would avoid anything with a low mid hump as usually this construction tends to accent that

I thought that too, but I am generally playing with a klone and that cuts out some low end.

I'm looking for a new set for a new guitar. I've got a guitar with PAF masters in it right now. I like them but I don't love them. Ideally, I'd want a bridge that has the high end rolled off just a tad and a neck that is closer in output and doesn't get muddy easily.

I'm looking at 2 main combinations right now:

1) Air Classic Neck in the neck with PAF 36 Neck in the bridge

2) Bluesbucker in the neck with PAF 36 Bridge in the bridge

I want the pickups to be as versatile as possible. I'm planning on wiring them for coil splits. What are your thoughts on these and does either combo work better while split? Should I maybe even consider 2 bluesbuckers?

Guitar is PRS style semi-hollow mahogany body with a roasted maple neck and fretboard. Amp is a Mesa rect-o-verb 50 combo.

Edit: After searching the forums a bit it seems like the Bluesbucker is quite loud relative to its published output. I'm now considering an AT-1 in the bridge, but I'm just a little unsure if that would be too dark for a gibson scale length semi-hollow.

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