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Thx for sharing your experience.  That helps!

Thanks for the reply.  The Bluesbucker might be headed in the right direction.

The Pre-B1 has a sonic profile of B6 M6.5 T6.5.
The Bluesbucker is B4.5 M5.5 T6 and is the ball park.

I think that the HFH would be too bright looking at the sonic profile.

Have you owned all three of those pups (Pre-B1, HFH, and Bluebucker) to describe your experience?

The Pickup Place / Dimarzio HB that sounds the most like a Pre-B1?
« on: July 09, 2019, 11:35:34 PM »
Looking for pickup suggestions from people who have some experience with a pre-B1 and a variety of Dimarzio HB's.

The reason for the search:
I have an Alder/Maple tele that has a pre-B1 in the bridge.  They sound fantastic together. 
I have another alder/maple guitar (let's call it the "Orange Guitar", since it is orange) with a 36th Anniversary Neck in the bridge position and I find myself wanting a bridge sound similar sound to the pre-B1 in the bridge. 

I am also hoping for a humbucker with a good solid split coil sound.  I would be happy to have either the split sound or the humbucking sound be very similar to the Pre-B1.  I can see advantages of going either way.  Looking for suggestions on Dimarzio HB's that would fit the bill.

What I like about the pre-B1: very solid lows and mids with still enough treble to cut through (plenty of muscle, yet still has clarity without being too bitey), very responsive to picking dynamics.

1. I know that a single coil and a humbucker will have inherent, unavoidable sonic differences due to the physics behind their designs.
2. I'm not interested in just putting a pre-B1 in the Orange Guitar because it is routed for a humbucker and I don't like the looks of those HB to single cover plates.

The Trading Post / WTB: Pre-B1 and Twang King/True Velvet Net set
« on: November 01, 2018, 10:26:21 PM »
Hello all,
It has been awhile.  I thought I was out of the pickup game.  Foolish me.

So, want to take my tele back to what it was before, but better, so looking for another Pre-B1 for the bridge and a Twang King or a True Velvet for the neck. 
Only thing is I don't want a gold cover on the TK/TV neck.

Let me know if you have either or both and are willing to let them go.


The Trading Post / WTB/WTT DP240 Vintage Mini-bucker
« on: December 19, 2016, 11:26:04 PM »
Hello all!  I am interested in buying or trading for a DP240 vintage neck minibucker. 
Willing to trade either a Reverend Special H humbucker or a Reverend C90 (P90).
Will also purchase at a reasonable price.

Let me know if you have the goods!


The Trading Post / Re: Awesome Traders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: September 20, 2010, 06:05:04 PM »
Bought Air Norton from LuredMaul.  Nice easy transaction!  Thanks

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