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The Pickup Place / Ultimate Strat Sound Rail Pickup Configuration?
« Last post by FunkyHiGain on March 21, 2019, 10:41:12 am »
Hey guys!

[TL;DR: What do you think of this pickup set: DP187 (The Cruiser Bridge) on Neck/Mid; Fast Track 1 Bridge? I'd also like to add a Fender EC Mid Boost active control. Would you say this is a good idea for a "beefed up" stratocaster sound with rail pickups? What values would you guys recommend for the volume pot?]

I'd like to apologize for the longwinded post ahead, but I reckon I might as well paint the full picture so if anyone is able to help, they'll have the whole description of my expectations.

Recently I've been gifted a project of a guitar, and I would like to make it unique!
Its a strat-like guitar, with a Spanish/Brazilian Cedar body, and a brazilian species similar to Maple (Marfim).
Anyhow, I'm thinking of it as if they were a basswood/mahogany mix of a body and a maple neck.

The thing is, it has a Fast Track 1 as a Bridge pickup. I've yet to test it, since the pickup was broken and has been sent to repair. Searching around what other pickups would compliment it (even if it changed positions), I came across many sets, but I came up with one in particular that I haven't seen any records of throughout the net.

And thus, I would like to hear from more experienced people if they reckon this as a good idea before I bury the hatchet and buy said pickups: Cruiser Bridge (DP187) [Neck & Mid] / Fast Track 1 [Bridge].

Now to make it a little harder:

I have another strat (a Fender Classic 50s) that has a set of SDs SSL-1s(neck/mid)/SSL5(bridge), and I love its current tone.

Thing is, I was gifted a Fender EC Mid Boost Set (50k Volume Pot, TBX Tone Control and Mid Boost, respectively) and installed it on this "classic" setup. The active preamp added a little bit more bite, even if the Boost is not active.

The problem with it is that it amplified the hum (figures, since this kind of active control was normally used with Lace Sensors and Vintage Noiseless), so I'm thinking of taking it out of this guitar, and adding it to this new frankenstrat, but I wouldn't know what kind of volume/tone controls/pots and values I should add...

Since my idea is to make a hum-canceling strat sounding rail set, and I think they must be pretty quiet, I'd say this is the best way of making use of this active pre-amp (EC MidBoost) in a guitar without the added hum that it has been amplified on the Fender. Should I keep the 50k volume control or should I go for 250k (since the active preamp adds brightness, I don't think I should go for the regular configuration of those pickups - 500k volume pots)?

Either if you only read the TL;DR or you took your time to go through it all, thank you so much, and hopefully you can give me a cool input!
The Pickup Place / Re: Duncan Custom 5 but with more mids?
« Last post by Ascension on March 21, 2019, 10:12:22 am »
I like a Custom 5 in the right guitar and amp combo. However in the wrong one the mid scoop is an issue. I have thought about swapping the 59 Custom Hybrid in my Modern Player Tele with a Custom 5 because with the Pine body and maple neck it's so heavy on the upper mids and bright.  Same thing you see with the JB, they can be magic in the right guitar and an absolute trainwreck in the wrong.  The combo is important with any set up but is more so with some pickups than others.  Because of what I do in a real world setting in a band situation I most of the time fight with the lack of mids with the Custom 5. The pickup that gives me a big open brown sound in the bridge yet still cuts well enough for solos is the Dimarzio Gravity Storm I have in my Carvin ST 300 BTW.
The Pickup Place / Re: Duncan Custom 5 but with more mids?
« Last post by darkbluemurder on March 21, 2019, 05:13:06 am »
I have the Custom 5 in three different guitars (two of them being teles) and don't hear a midscoop but there is nothing wrong with wanting more mids. I agree a magnet swap is cheap and may get there.

The Custom 5 in fact is the pickup I always wanted in the 80s but that did not exist.

Cheers Stephan
The Pickup Place / Re: Duncan Custom 5 but with more mids?
« Last post by Ascension on March 21, 2019, 01:10:33 am »
Have the same issue with the Custom 5. It's a huge sounding chewie pickup for rhythm but flat gets lost in the mix for melodic stuff and solos due to the scooped mids.  The Gravity Storm bridge has that same type big overall organic tone but also cuts well and the mids are a lot more present.
 On the mag swaps the A2 Custom Custom is nice and has a singing mid , the Ceramic Custom has real heat and is aggressive but my favorite mag in a Custom is the A8.  Tight and aggressive but still has a nice smooth singing tone.   My absolute favorite Custom Variant though is the 59/ Custom Hybrid. Feels a LOT hotter than the specs show it should harmonics are down right explosive and talking about super versatile. Have 3 and running in my old KOA Carvin DC 127 with a sentient neck I have gone from solid Country Solo tone to metal without missing a beat in a set. 
 The Hybrid came from us Frankensteiners over at the Duncan forum.  Couple guys tried putting one coil from a 59 together with one coil from the Custom and then running an A5 mag.  It became popular enough on the forum that folk started ordering them from the Custom shop and the rest is history.
This is pretty dead on the hybrid in my real world experience with it.
The Pickup Place / Re: Help with a neck pickup.
« Last post by Ascension on March 21, 2019, 12:52:38 am »
Took a hard look at the wiring on the guitar today. When I got her it had an aftermarket superswitch installed and in listening and then looking at how it's set up wonder how it is splitting these pickups. I'm getting buzz in 2,3 and 4 and then full humbucking in 1 and 5.  Ordered a stock 3 way from Kiesel today and am going to install it to evaluate where it is tone wise then work from there. Dropped the Liquifire today and that helped balance the output  and also open it up and get some of the the wooliness out of the bottom. Thinking of going to the 3 way lever then adding a push pull tone pot as a master split and then working from there. Wondering seriously if the split tones being anemic are some what related to how that super switch is set up.  This gives me a fresh start and a known base to work from. Really like the Gravity Storm in the bridge so let's see what i can do with the Liquifire after getting this part sorted out. Thanks for the input guys.
The Pickup Place / Re: Help with a neck pickup.
« Last post by Ascension on March 20, 2019, 10:10:04 am »
Stephan thanks for the input. Looks like you are about as well versed on Dimarzios as i am Duncans so helps a lot. The Bluesbucker is one i'm looking at hard seems close to some thing like say a PG neck Duncan.  What i wish i could find is the pickup that came stock in the Yamaha Pacifica 1421. Unique to those guitars and there were less than 200 built. Had one in the Pawn Shop I was working for and I LOVED the tones out of that guitar but could never cross it over to any production Dimarzio.   
 Was one just like this one.
The Pickup Place / Re: Help with a neck pickup.
« Last post by darkbluemurder on March 20, 2019, 04:55:33 am »
Breed neck should be brighter than Liquifire. Never had a direct comparison but I had the Breed neck and the Air Norton in the neck position of a bright guitar, and the Breed neck is brighter. Big tone it does have. No idea how it splits - the particular guitar is not set up for the splits to be run individually. It does lose quite a bit of output though. If you want the split tone to be in balance with the full humbucker mode, only the Bluesbucker achieves that.

Cheers Stephan
The Pickup Place / Re: Guitar Wiring Help Please!
« Last post by buddroyce on March 20, 2019, 12:47:04 am »
Typically you'd want to wire the main lead wire to one of the volume pots then to the switch kinda like a Les Paul.
The Pickup Place / Re: Help with a neck pickup.
« Last post by Ascension on March 20, 2019, 12:46:21 am »
Seriously considered it. The Gravity Storm Neck is a Ceramic mag  pickup and I have never really cared for the response of ceramic in the neck. I'm looking for a big open tone that still holds up well under gain and sings + splits well in this particular guitar. I'm a working player doing mostly modern worship stuff and have to be able to pull off anything from metal to country on the fly. I will run this one with a couple other Carvin Kiesels. My 17 Keisel with a Duncan Perpetual Burn Bridge and the stock  AP11's and a 1993  solid KOA  DC 127 running a Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid and a Sentient. Like the big chewie Gravity Storm bridge but don't know that the ceramic Gravity Storm neck will respond like I need clean and to touch.  Will go back and listen to some more on line tones with the GS neck. My issue is I know what I can grab and drop in from Duncan that will get me close but just want to do some thing different here if I can.
The Pickup Place / Re: Help with a neck pickup.
« Last post by buddroyce on March 20, 2019, 12:34:21 am »
Why not just try the Gravity Storm neck to replace the Liquifire?
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