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The Pickup Place / Al Di Meola (DP202) bridge...
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:23:43 am »
All descriptions are in the context of my guitar (parts-caster: alder body, maple neck, pau ferro fingerboard, SS frets and a hipshot bridge with three tusq saddles for the plain strings).  My guitar is bright and too much treble is my most common problem no matter what pickup I'm using.  The ADM does not have a treble problem.  It certainly has enough to cut through and be heard, but it's one of the 'sweetest' pickups I've laid ears on.  The mids are open, airy, vocal and abundant but NOT HONKY.  The low end is quite powerful for a lower output pickup but firm with just the right amount of punch.  Overall attack is great without being obnoxious and while there isn't much natural compression (at least compared to most of the pickups I've tried) I don't hear a loss in sustain.  The note separation (and the touch sensitivity for that matter) beats every other pickup I've tried, period (the Imperium and a custom Seymour were pretty well tied for first before, but they're second and third fiddle now).  The pickup sounds/feels a lot louder than the specs would indicate (275mV output; the few reviews I was able to find expressed this as well).  While I can understand why this isn't listed on the main site anymore, I'm very surprised it isn't more popular. 

The Pickup Place / Imperium
« on: March 16, 2018, 08:47:36 am »
The best thing I can say about this humbucker is that it's extremely fun to play with any amount of dirt (the clean isn't quite as amazing, but it's still great). This is probably the 'happiest' metal pickup I've ever heard (if any quality of a pickup could be quantified/categorized as 'happy') and it doesn't fight me no matter what I try and throw at it. I could literally write a few paragraphs (and did, but they sounded super cheesy) about how much I enjoy this pickup. I only wish it had a touch more low end. I got it on a whim and have no buyers remorse. Oh, by the by, check out the official demo that Mr. Davidson did, the sound is very true to life.

The Pickup Place / So I got bored...
« on: February 08, 2018, 04:42:00 pm »
To get right to the point, I had a Mo' Joe lying around that was begging to be wrenched on.  So I took out the stock A5 mag', put in a roughcast A3 and aired the northern bobbin (the one closer to the neck).  I'm flat floored with the results!  I didn't have any idea it would sound as mean as it does (lots of growl, a bit of a 'smokey' feel to the high notes when overdriven).  The last time I put an A3 in ANYTHING it was neutered, but this is a whole new animal!  I'll report back when the honeymoon is over.

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