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I bought a custom Fast Track 1 pickup for my Jackson PC1 but I had to return it to DiMarzio to have them make a custom one without the flange as it won't fit in the cavity for the middle position.

I'm very interested in his new signature bridge pickup but it's not listed on the website and I won't trust an eBay web store unless it's confirmed. I'm wondering if they will make a standard humbucker version?

That's definitely very important information for all PC1 owners*
About Phil Collen's pickup, you can get it at Banjomikez eBay Store. Let me help you, and other sellers out!

Black Rails Version:

Nickel Rails Version:

Gold Rails Version:

They seem to be hidden or private for a reason, but you will find them in those links. :)

Well, we got a demo at last by Collen himself!!!

He used the guitar on Def Leppard's 2019 visit to the Howard Stern Show. You can see the video clips here: Hit on ''Pour Some Sugar on Me'', and the Bowie covers to listen to it, alongside Vivian Campbell and his signature guitar with Dimarzio Pickups.

Next thing after a super D and paf pro in a flying V - Has to be either a Marshall 2203 or 1959 into a full stack, maybe with a little goosing from a tube screamer.

Ouch, that is going to be loud. But certainly a lot of fun.

Cheers Stephan
Next thing after a super D and paf pro in a flying V - Has to be either a Marshall 2203 or 1959 into a full stack, maybe with a little goosing from a tube screamer.

Indeed! I have a Blackstar HT-40 with JJ Tubes installed. While not a full stack, it's pretty good sounding!  ;D   I'm very happy with them. I have a PAF Master set in the house. I'm still wondering if I should install them on my Gibson SG or sell them. I like them, but worry the PAF Master neck is too bass lean (lacking bass). Has anyone here solved that issue or know how to figure it out? My HT-40 doesn't have bass controls on the clean channel*

Super2 and Super Distortion maybe?

 ;D The Super Distortion is definitely a keeper.  ;D
I was thinking of venturing more into the PAF Pro Family, like the Satriani pickups, I imagine that some of Vai's like the Breed. I dig the hex poles vibe.  :)

Hi everyone! After almost a decade playing Seymour Duncan pickups, I decided to switch to Dimarzio to finally have a Super Distortion equipped guitar, and explore other tone options. After failing to nail ''my tone'' with a Transition and later a PAF Master in the neck, I finally got the tone I want with the Super Distortion/PAF Pro combination. It's the real deal!!!

I was just wondering what should be my next in my tone quest!
If I could ''fix'' something, I would like more clarity, attack, and more output of the PAF Pro. Am I crazy?  ;D
The Super Distortion is perfect as it's. I would like something in that same vein.

Here's my guitar! :D

PS. The Super Distortion/PAF Pro combo ain't going anywhere. Just would like to brainstorm ideas for the future!

The Pickup Place / Re: 2019 new models
« on: March 14, 2019, 04:14:59 pm »
Based on previous years, they mention things at NAMM that might not show up for a few, or even several months.

I can only speak for myself. If it were my business I would only say something like "yes, we planned to release some new models this year - stay tuned" when I am not sure of when I actually will be able to release the products. From the OP's post it seems like the new models have already names and numbers which would lead me to conclude they are set and ready to go to market. At such a stage I cannot think of any reason not to put them to market - otherwise it does not make any sense to divulge model names and numbers to the public. You only run the risk that public interest wanes after the initial heads up.

But - as I said I am by no means a marketing expert - maybe this IS good marketing and I just don't understand it.

DiMarzio needs a LOT of help with marketing. Yet they seem to suggest they have been happy with their game plan.

Based on previous years, they mention things at NAMM that might not show up for a few, or even several months. They are not the only one that does that. Keep your pantyhose on.

I have an MBA in Marketing and common sense can tell that Dimarzio's marketing has many faults. Once a product is announced, a teaser, and some (or all) product information should be released to support that announcement. Look! This year we have a Phil Collen Signature Pickup, new Petrucci sets, and some other pickups. What we got? The guys from Polyphia. The guys from who? I even had to Youtube them. They seemed like a bunch of nobodies to me, so I had to research them. That's bad!  You need to launch a product, announcing and promoting WHO they're, and what kind of benefits (tones) we can get out of their products. We also need videos, and audio clips where we can hear the pickups in action.
Dimarzio definitely needs a re-marketing campaign, and a new approach to their products launch.

The Pickup Place / Re: 2019 new models
« on: March 08, 2019, 10:02:55 pm »
I still don't get it but then I am not doing marketing as my main profession.

I definitely would love to work at Dimarzio's Marketing Department.
Sadly no openings for that. :(
So much that can be done...

The Pickup Place / Re: Ibanez Artcore AS73 Humbuckers Upgrade
« on: March 08, 2019, 09:54:38 pm »
Hi all, I have a nice AS73 being delivered to me today. Have a graphtech 6010 nut that will be going on next. I am a Beatles type of player sound wise, not musically lol. I just nabbed a neck 36th Anniversary PAF DiMarzio. Not even delivered yet. I was going to pair with another 36th bridge. Have read excellent things about the Air Classic for a slightly more Beatles vibe. Not opposed to selling this 36th neck for something else. Have heard Seth Lovers are amazing but not really in my immediate price range. Hoping to invite some input. Thanks.

Hi there!
I've read the same thing about the Air Classic, but you haven't gone on the wrong path with the PAF36th. Try them out. They may not be as scooped sounding for the 60's vintage tone, but they will definitely rock nice!  Welcome to the FORUM!

The mini bar (off topic & misc) / What Are You Listening To?
« on: March 01, 2019, 10:28:12 am »
Thought it would be a cool idea to share what music we are listening or digging at the moment.
I'm hooked with Gary Clark Jr. latest album: This Land.
He's definitely improving with each album, and leaving a mark in music history. I like how the way he mixes up and fusions many styles of music. :)

The Pickup Place / Re: 2019 new models
« on: February 24, 2019, 12:59:26 am »
Lots of new things to look forward to! :D

Banjomikez already has the new pickups in store! Check out his eBay Store!  :madness:

Phil Collen's (Def Leppard, Man Raze & Delta Deep) first signature pickup, the DP426 Sugar Chakra is now available ONLINE!

It seems that it's a bridge pickup, available in all colors with Black, Nickel or Gold Rails options!
Feel free to check it out, and review it here on the forum!  :D

Now, If I just had a SSS guitar... ;D

The Pickup Place / Re: Talk me out of the PAF Master neck
« on: February 22, 2019, 01:57:19 am »
Hi Dave!
Satriani used to use two PAF Pro pickups in his guitars. Searching for more mids/output out of the PAF Pro in the bridge, then came the FRED.  It was Joe's combination until the invention of the PAF Joe (instead of PAF Pro), and the Mo' Joe (for the bridge). It will work just fine. The PAF Pro ain't a high output beast as presented in the specs.

Everything you wanted to know about .... / PAF Pro (in the NECK position)
« on: February 17, 2019, 10:01:52 am »
Something like Dimarzio's take on the Seymour Duncan 59'.
Very balanced, even, with power, can take pedals with ease, and can play a lot of things.
It can be jazzy at times, nice for blues a la Gary Moore, etc. This ain't only for virtuosos!
Believe me, it's good! Even my tech will buy one now (after installing it on my guitar).

If anyone has questions about it (in the neck position), please write!

The Pickup Place / Re: Talk me out of the PAF Master neck
« on: February 17, 2019, 12:49:13 am »
Something about this thread tells me you should have gone with a PAF Pro.
I installed it, played it, and even my guitar tech will buy one.
It's THAT GOOD!  With your Fred in the bridge, a PAF Pro in the neck will provide you with Satriani's past pickups combination. It will work!

Everything you wanted to know about .... / Re: PAF MASTER SET REVIEW
« on: February 05, 2019, 12:44:18 pm »
To be fair, I think most of people that dis on DiMarzio and their vintage line, don't like the aggresiveness/punch that DMZ pickups have, it's a common quality that all posess. It's the way how they react to pick attack, as opposed to for example Duncan which reacts more like a vintage pickup. And it is largerly a matter of taste. No good or bad, no worse or better, just different.

I tried PAF Master and just couldn't gel with them. They definitely felt more "PAF" then 36th anniversary, more old school, but that aggressive feeling to them made them feel like they were trying to be something else. FWIW, I do like 36th anniversary a lot, and recently started rolling it into most of my guitar's necks, as I generally find it more versatile and musical then what was there before - a Paf Pro. I have a les paul that previous had A2P which went and gave room to 36th anny set now, and I could swear it can still nail those GnR tones, to a T. But I digress.

There's a lot of different "PAF" sounds, and alot of qualities that people tie to that name, it's good to see there's more then one model catering to specific tastes. I hope DiMarzio will continue to add models in their vintage lineup (which is imho currently weakest/least developed).

So yes, thankful for the reviews and happy to see people dig them, they are great (if different) offerings in PAF pickup arena in the sea of custom shop replicas (a whole ordeal that is kinda getting silly already).

I really would love to see Dimarzio expanding on the PAF game. There's the PAF59 now that's definitely the best vintage PAF model that Dimarzio offers at the moment (YEAR 2019). The PAF36th was a huge success. I don't see many reviews raving about the PAF Master set. Ironically, I found a deal, and ordered a F-Spaced Bridge Pickup DP261 PAF Master a few days ago. I may be missing the raw rocking sound of the 498t in the bridge, but I want to start venturing in a new tone quest. What I did like about the neck pickup is that it's not a pushover, it can take gain nicely. I just wonder how it will fill out on the bass department or if it will always be lacking there...

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