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The Pickup Place / D-Activator neck purchased, needing a Bridge?
« on: February 19, 2020, 09:13:24 pm »
Looking for more powerful bridge pickup. Metal influenced from Half step E to Standard C. The Evo 2 has been great but after a beefier yet maintaining clarity like a Evo 2, saturation rich like my D-Activator I had in Alder. Does D-Activator beef up in Mahogany? Get smooth like chunkier Crunch as to more bright crunch ?

It's for a Mahogany maple cap/maple neck/ebony board setback 25.5" Floyd rose.

I snagged a D-Activator neck since I can't make a PAF pro, Air Norton sound better then Alder overall.

I just had huge testing with Evo 2 and Evo neck but I couldn't get more in downtuning.

If I could name my tones I chase, In Flames Clayman album, Megadeth older or new, Exodus Exhibit A Atrocity album, to Van Halen, and Ozzy.

Sevendust, Godsmack, Deftones, Korn and anything where I can add overdrive if need be. I play weird big bends, strong harmonics bizarre strummed chords. The Evo paved the way and had a split coil also. 

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