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The Trading Post / FS: Dimarzio Transition (NECK) DP254N
« on: November 21, 2018, 01:53:27 pm »

Please INBOX for more photos and purchase information!

Hello there!
I was just wondering if a PAF Master (neck) pickup would match a Super Distortion in the bridge? A year and a half ago, I went over to the Dimarzio side, and started with a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge + a Transition (neck) in the neck. Since I have it on a mahogany Gibson Flying V, I only have a tone knob in the guitar. While I love the Super Distortion, I can't say the same thing about the Transition. It feels like ''another bridge pickup but in the neck''.  My ears are asking for something clear, bright, not so bass heavy, muddy or dark in that position, that could hold his own with the Super Distortion, but provide me a vintage experience at the same time.  My SH-5/59n' Seymour Duncan equipped guitar is one of the best, and if DC Resistance is an indicator of something, there would be less difference pairing a Super Distortion with a PAF Master (neck) than a SH-5/59n'.

I have gotten Super2, PAF Pro and PAF36 recommendations, but no PAF Master recommendations. I read that it's an underpowered pickup or something. Just would like to know your opinions on the subject. This guitar gets bass heavy on the neck, maybe something tamer on the department would do the trick.

Hello there!
Have any of the pickups mentioned above? I'm looking something to replace match my Dimarzio Super Distortion (bridge) in my Flying V. I imagine the PAF (Original), PAF36th, PAF PRO or PAF Master could do the trick.  I'm searching for them on nickel!    Have one on mint/excellent condition for sale?

Let me know!  Zebra colored could also be considered*

The Pickup Place / Trying to Decide Which Pickups To Pick for my Flying V.
« on: November 21, 2017, 01:23:36 am »
Hello everyone!
I'm about to buy some new pickups for my Gibson Flying V that has an Alnico II Pro (Slash) set installed.
I'm having some issues with that guitar. While I do like the good cleans, it takes too much time (loud) to get to the ''good tones''. Also! Both pickups are unmatched. I like to play with the tone knob rolled for a ''mellower'' (but really clean/bright) sound. The APH-2 neck provides a good sound, but sometimes I feel it's to bassy/bright. At the same spot, the bridge pickups gets muddy and doesn't have the output, rawness, and ''life'' I need; that it happens to get when the tone knob gets at 5-6 (totally changing the character of the guitar).   This wouldn't be a problem with a two tone/ two volume guitar, but mine has only one tone knob/2 volume.  I would like to have something balanced that changes dynamics at the same time, meaning toggling neck/bridge without having any kind of tone mismatch. I have a SH-5/59n combination on one of my guitars that does that job perfectly, but I would like something different this time.  I also would like to have more output on the bridge position, and a lil' more on the neck.

I had a great experience with the Super Distortion once, so in my mind it's the one to get. This will be my first Dimarzio purchase. Now I'm thinking which route should I go. I have asked several pros about it and have different answers

Super Distortion/ PAF36 DP103
Super Distortion/ Paf PRO
Super Distortion/ Transition neck
Super Distortion/Illuminator neck

I have considered other full set combinations like the Dimarzio 59's, the PAF 36's and the Transition.

I really don't know which way to go yet.

My amp is a Blackstar HT-40. I get my main distortion from the amp, light OD (for at the point of break-up) sounds.

I hope you can help me make the best choice.
Thank you!

PS. Just in case, the main problems are:
#1 Tone unmatched (need a combination that there's not much difference between pickups at the time of toggling = no need to use the tone knob all the time except for solos)

#2 Want more output in the bridge. The neck could use a little more.
#3 Fuller sound in the bridge. Not farty,boomy neck but with good bass
#4 Would love a RAW Rock sounding bridge pickup and a neck pickup that can keep up.  I like soulful leads. Can solo, but can't play fast aka ''shred''.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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