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The Pickup Place / Triple D equivalent?
« on: October 27, 2019, 03:02:56 am »

On the bridge it sound close enough my tonezone, I'm curious about the neck position. Maybe the breed neck?

Jump to 8.20 if you don't want to watch the whole thing but the comparison helps.

The Pickup Place / HB cover question
« on: May 03, 2019, 04:51:26 am »
Want to buy covers for my F-spaced dimarzio's (AN-TZ). I could order dimarzio brand but there is an asian brand I can get locally.

I couldn't find the need dimarzio spacing details to make sure it will fit well. Providing that info or if anyone could check dimensions from this link; would be very helpful.

The Pickup Place / Dual resonance, more noise?
« on: October 18, 2017, 04:50:59 am »
Just curious if dual resonance PU's are more noisey than traditional designs or not.

In case to be specific, I play close to the computer in my home studio setup (with vai-ish high-gain). Its not too bad, but I have 3-4 PU's in mind and thought less noise would be a factor for me in choosing one.

The Pickup Place / Is This accurate? (AN, PP sound samples)
« on: July 04, 2017, 03:20:11 pm »
Digging some web info to find what I want to change my air norton (neck) with. Like many I also look for something brighter, paf pro is mentioned a lot but I'm not hearing it in these sound samples;

Air Norton;

Paf Pro;

I'm having a lot of fun since I mod.ed my PU's, specially after the new wiring (can do series, split and parallel on my 2 humbucker guitar) I'm getting strat tones out of a mahogany, 24 fret ibanez like never before...

Half-air is so similar to a real single as the magnet touches poles while the other single's role is lessened to almost only there for reduce hum. and add body.

Dimarzio has the patent for this, they can design the most realistic single sounding humbuckers when split and still make that humbucker sound like a good humbucker with their mismatched coil patent.

All I did was took a chance with what I have and things went well to my luck, I can only imagine what dimarzo can do but...why not?

The Pickup Place / Wiring renewal
« on: February 14, 2015, 02:58:20 pm »
I wrote this to another forum, Copy/pasting it. Main reason I share here is because I got rid of a lot of muddiness after changing the stock wires in my guitar which might be a valid reason why some PU's are found muddy to some and not to others...

Some might know I mod. my guitar and pickups time to time. Yesterday was the most critical; the switch, wiring, all wires and the jack input was renewed.  Its like renewing the heart and all the veins of a person :D

It all started as I decided the switch finally has to change, its a 18 year old guitar. My luthier didn't have ibanez switches but told me there are loads of options with what you can do with easy to find Fender switches. I said ok and started digging the web, also asked friends and members here for help when needed (Thanks again!).

After a looooong search and thought, I decided on this one (sorry only can give link to dynamic page photos);;d=1405057232

The original is actually this;

So its mentioned that diagram was released for the P-rails but also works for humbuckers. So without drilling any holes (my guitar doesn't have a pickguard) I realized this gives the most options even though its a 3 way switch!

As I took the guitar to the luthier, he said since all the wiring will change its the best time to renew the cables too. I hesitated for a second but then agreed with him, the jack input also wasn't tight so we changed that too. Figured since it wasn't very expensive why not...

Here is when the job was progressing;

And here finished;;oe=55504D29

Neat right? I can solder cables easy but soldering those tiny wires in a limited space is beyond me, specially if I want things nice :)

What struck us most when we first played the guitar, the output was increased without increasing the noise floor!  :o 

I knew after all those years it wasn't as efficient but the result blow our minds (and my luthier does these stuff every day!). Not only level but tonally it opened up too (cause of Fender parts?) , the guitar simply became easier to play :) My guitar is old but if I knew it would make a difference I'd renew the wires every 10 years. Consider this if you have an aged guitar.

Unfortunately after returning home I got sick cause of the bad weather and had to wait outside too long as the subway train needed fixing :P

I did test it though and liking it :) my quick comment would be if you have a 2 humbucker 1 vol. and 1 tone guitar and only record, this works very nice! but for stage to be honest I'm not sure...pulling/pushing pots in the middle of songs to me isn't preferable.

PS; forgot to mention, I use a .001uF capasitor on the volume knob (adjusted like treble bleed). Its a common telecaster mod. as when volume is decreased so does the bass freq.s. With this and the splits the sounds I'm getting is pretty cool, of course nothing strat alike but pretty close :)

The Pickup Place / Mod. for high output PU users
« on: January 19, 2015, 11:07:34 am »
About a year ago I made a very inexpensive mod. that had good response from friends and would like to share here too.

Ibanez uses a 0.33 cap on volume pot for many of its guitars, which is a treble bleed. Just for experiment, I removed it and was a muddy mess when the volume was dropped. Then occurred to me if it actually cut bass, it would be way more usable for me for clean sounds. And it did!

I placed a push/pull pot and connected 1 0.33 and a 0.001 cap on it. Below is how they compare on switch positions;

the first example is volume full on to give the default neck PU sound, then I decreased the volume and increased the recording level. Later on all 5 switch positions its first the 0.33 then 0.001;

To my ears, it doesn't add highs but created a mid peak together with decreasing the bass making a too big sounding humbucker much closer to single/low output ones. I even sometimes decrease the tone knob too if the volume is very lowered to get rid of harshness but still sound very dynamic.

The Pickup Place / About virtual vintage tech.
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:07:51 pm »

The Pickup Place / Snappy sound on distortion
« on: January 12, 2015, 04:35:32 pm »
I modded my pickups to sound brighter, liking the cleans more but noticed something when shredding.

On lots of distortion, when I pick the string hard there's this immediate silence as if I lifted my finger very fast. My strings are kinda close to the fretboard, wondering if that snappiness is causing this?

The Pickup Place / HFH or d-activator
« on: November 07, 2014, 12:54:33 pm »
Hi all, long time lurker-first post;

Keeping it short, I use an air-norton and tonezone. I like to shred with ridiculous gain, going from amp sends to computer where all the fx are  8)

I eq the guitar before dist. really bright, the neck sounds like an acoustic guitar. I wanted something non-aired and tuned better for the neck sound I want.

Yesterday I went to buy a HFH but the local store didn't have any. So I went back online and noticed the d-activator neck can be a candidate too, worryed though it might overpower the Tonezone. What would you do?  :D

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