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The Pickup Place / What happens if I put a cover on a blade pickup?
« on: March 12, 2019, 12:24:12 pm »
I'd like to know if you have any experience about covering a twin blade pickup (like the Chopper) with a plastic cover that is completely closed, I mean without the usual 2 cuttings of a standard pickup plastic cover with the two blades coming out.
I have a guitar with 2 nice pickup covers (similar to wood) and I'd like to keep them, putting a new pickup under them. I'd like to try the Satch Track in the bridge and the Fast Track 1 in the neck position.

Because of this closed covers, I guess that the pickup could be a little farer from the strings, even if I will remove its standard plastic cover (the one with Dimarzio logo on it), because with it, the pickup would be a little too large to fit into my "wood-colored" covers.

Do you know what impact I could have on the sound with a closed cover made of plastic?

The Pickup Place / Suggestion for bridge humbucker pickup
« on: March 09, 2019, 04:47:03 am »
I got a Chinese copy of a Strandberg (but with solid body, instead of hollow body), and after that my guitar tech fixed and adjusted it properly, I have to say it is not bad at all.
But I don't like the pickups a lot; they are maybe a copy of passive EMG, I'm not sure.
They are a little muddy, and comparing the recorded tone with my favorite guitar, I see that I should cut a lot around 300 Hz to get a nice sound from the bridge pickup.

I'd love your suggestions for modern rock music, some flexibility and good clarity and definition (and no shrill highs at all).
I'm looking at Fred and Titan for the bridge position, but I don't know them even if the reviews and descriptions could be good for what I'm looking for. They are just an example, and I'm really open to your comments and suggestions.

Since the pickups are angled, I need a standard spaced pickup, so I can't consider the pickups that are available only in F-spaced size.
This is my new "toy":

Later I'll look at the neck pickup, too. And probably my favorite choice could be the Humbucker from Hell.
But before replacing the original pickup, I'll try to tweak it by adding a capacitor in series to cut some bass frequencies.

The Pickup Place / Bridge in parallel or bridge split + neck?
« on: November 15, 2014, 05:23:12 am »
In my 2-pickups guitar, I'm going to put: BC-1 in the bridge (yes, in the bridge) and the Cruiser Bridge in the neck.
I will use a multi pole 5 way switch; and I found that the wiring options in the DMZ site are very interesting.

For sure I will have: neck (standard humbucker), neck in parallel, bridge (standard humbucker).
What would you suggest for the other 2 middle switch positions?

Bridge pickup in parallel? Will it be really useful?
Or split bridge + neck pickup?

And then, one coil of each pickup in series or parallel?

Thanks for any suggestion and comment.

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