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I have a Pro Track &  Chopper Pickup for sale in excellent condition. I installed them, but didn't "use" them, in a guitar that never gets played, I play bass.

 I purchased them new, and have the plastic boxes, and literature, that they came in. They're both black.

(Though they're humbucking, they are single coil size pickups, in case you didn't know.)

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The Pickup Place / Which PU for Neck on.............
« on: July 24, 2016, 08:26:11 pm »
Which Strat style pu (hum-cancelling w/ pole pieces) would give me the warmest, fattest sound on my '66 Duo-sonic in the neck position?

Many Thanks.

The Trading Post / FS: Very New(ish) Dimarzio Chopper and Pro Track.
« on: June 24, 2015, 09:17:06 pm »
I have a Pro Track &  Chopper Pickup for sale in excellent condition. I installed them, but didn't "use" them, in a guitar that never gets played, I play bass.

 I purchased them new, and have the plastic boxes, and literature, that they came in. They're both black.

(Though they're humbucking, they are single coil size pickups, in case you didn't know.)

$50 each w/ Free shipping in US

I have 22 transactions with a 100% positive feedback score on TalkBass.   :D

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The Pickup Place / classic or 36th Aniv. for neck in 24 in. scale?
« on: June 29, 2014, 10:27:07 pm »
The body of my 1966 Fender Duo-Sonic is already routed for it. I had a humbucker in it when I was a kid, that was 100 years ago ;D. The single space blade pu sounds good but I know I'll like a real full sized humbucker better.

I'm considering the Air Classic and the 36th Anniversary. I've read that a 24 in. scale isn't as twangy and bright sounding as 25.5 in.

I want a warm, full sound, of course with some clarity.

Give me your 2 cents worth.

Oh, and I'm not using the original pickguard.

 Many Thanks.

Considering putting a Chopper in the neck on my old Fender Duo-Sonic (24" scale), instead of the Pro Track.

How much (if at all) can you make a Chopper sound like a Pro Track by cutting highs with the guitars tone knob?

Some people make the Chopper seem like it's more versatile than the Pro Track.

I want a full, warm sound like a full sized humbucker from the neck position.

I would think you could make the Chopper sound more like the Pro Track than vice versa.
As always I could be wrong.  ;D

(I always found great use from a tone control on bass guitar.)

What do ya think?


Is there a hum-cancelling Strat (blade? or not) pu that comes close to this. Ballpark, I don't expect an exact replica. Just a nice, warm......... well just watch.

Thanks for any input.

And your welcome for the enjoyable video. ( & Thanks Mr. Learch)

The Pickup Place / 2 Single Coil Routes. Pro Track in Neck, Bridge = ?
« on: January 28, 2013, 10:15:58 pm »
Just got the new custom pickguard (nicely done) with 2 single coil routes. It's my old 24" scale Fender Duo-Sonic II. (Modified many years ago/not original) Plays great. I just installed a Callaham hardtail Strat bridge on it. (A nice piece of hardware.)

I know I want more of a full warm, open sound vs. a "Fenderish" single coil sound, so I'm going with a Pro Track in the neck. (I also considered the Air Norton S.)

I'm mainly concerned with the clean sound(s) of the neck pu alone and the 2 pickups combined.
The only time I'll use the bridge pu alone will be with some overdrive/distortion. (well, never say never.)

It's really hard to find clips of some of these pu's played clean.
Some clips are played with so much distortion they're not much help. (Makes me sound like a real *^##@. LOL.)

So, what single coil sized blade pu for the bridge do you recommend?

Many Thanks.

The Pickup Place / Pro Track vs. Air Norton S in neck.
« on: December 23, 2012, 08:58:13 pm »
Curious about the sonic difference between these 2. To be used in the neck position. Mostly concerned about it's clean sound.


The Pickup Place / Dimarzios' Pickup Picker Says.....,What do you Say?
« on: December 19, 2012, 09:14:49 pm »
For fun I did Dimarzio's pickup picker.

It's for my 24" Duo Sonic.

Position: Neck
Size: Strat
Amp: Vintage
Music Style: Jazz
Body Wood: Alder
Sound Character: Humbucker
Technology: Hum Cancelling
Problem solver: Warmer/Fatter

Dimarzio BC-1, Air Norton S, & Pro Track were the 3 picks.

So, for neck pickup alone played clean, care to try and describe how the tones might vary with these 3 pu's?

Thanks for humoring me. (I have ordered the pickguard, so there is some progress.)

I can't play a lick of jazz, but I like that tone.

Obviously leaning towards a fuller "humbucking" type tone, rather than a bright single coil sound, I've narrowed it down to these 3. These are for my (2 pickup) Fender Duo-Sonic. 3 way switch, volume, tone. Which 2 do you recommend and why? 

Thanks for the input. (on this post and all the previous)

Christmas is coming, and I'm going to buy myself some pu's damnit.

In general terms, what is the sonic difference between the blade style (strat hum cancelling category) and the pole piece models ( those also in the hum-cancelling category, not the true single coils) ?

And, do any come close to sounding like the other?

Thanks guys.

Well, I'm now considering doing 2 Strat Hum Canceling (blade type) pickups on my old (already modified) Fender Duo-Sonic. Not sure which ones yet.

When surfing the Dimarzio wiring diagram page(s), I'm guessing that I choose the 2 Humbucker sub-category since the strat blade pu's are 4 conductor. Thus humbucker?

Having a spare pickguard, I'll be able to experiment with wiring options before I order a new (custom) pickguard.

I've read here on the forum some people prefer parallel over the coil split sound. I'm curious, although I'll check it out for myself, what the difference in sound is. Why the preference?

Also, do you guys usually split (or parallel) both at once or split one and combine it with the other still in series? It's going to be a pain in the ass to experiment, but I'll end up wiring it with "useable" sounds and not extra choices I don't want.

It may end up just 2 pu's and 3 way toggle, 1 V, 1 T. Nothing wrong with that either.

Thanks for the input.

In the vintage to medium output catagories, which of the full sized humbuckers have the best split/single coil sound? Or do they all perform about the same?


If you had a 2 pu (neck & bridge) strat or tele type of guitar, which Dimarzio blade pu's would you load it with and why?

Not looking for too heavy of a sound. Of course distortion/drive will be used, but would like a warm, smooth tone when played clean.

I read plenty about the blade pu's with distortion, but in general, how do they sound clean?

Many thanks.

I've been enjoying reading the Everything You Wanted To Know section of this forum, but there is nothing posted about the Air Classic. I'm still pondering what kind of humbucker I want to put in the neck position of my old Fender Duo-Sonic II. The AC is a strong runner. Last night I found myself reading about the Air Zone. Could be interesting.

When reading pu descriptions, I wonder if "clarity" means less "warmth".

Any humbucker info is appreciated.

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