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The Trading Post / FS: PAF Pro
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:43:13 pm »
for sale:
PAF Pro DP151
double yellow bobbins
standard pole spacing
over 11" of 4-con lead wire

$40 shipped, PP ('Friend' option)

shipping to ConUS only.

PM for more photos or email to darthphineas (all one word) at yahoo dot com

The Pickup Place / New "Black & Blonde" Set
« on: January 25, 2018, 03:37:17 pm »
Looks like a new humbucker set this year is the Black & Blonde.  DP276F neck and DP277F bridge.

List price is $199.99 each.  Doesn't that smell like an artist model pricing?

The Pickup Place / Satchur8 - Magnetar Name Change
« on: January 19, 2018, 10:32:13 am »
This pickup's name change was something that I avoided discussing over the past year, mainly because I thought part of the situation was so lame.

It's no secret that the original name for the new Satriani humbucker was Magnetar.  It was listed at NAMM last year, along with a few other new models (that included the PAF 59,  Imperium, and Dark Matter 2 for example).

One of Duncan's employees went to Satriani and DiMarzio.  Something about he had a one-off custom shop pickup made and had called it Magnetar.  Anyone can do that and make up their own name for it.  I even have one with a made up name (big whoop).  But... the employee laid it down that he had blogged about it and recorded with it and bragged about it to people.

Still, Joe and Larry gave Magnetar a pass.  They didn't have to.  Honestly, I think that Satchur8 is a MUCH cooler name for a Satriani pickup... so a big win there.

Something popped up on my radar a few days ago.  Some dude modified a stock pickup (don't know what brand).  He called it The Hunter (or Hunter, or whatever).  He's had it for a while, but not clear on how long.  Now, he is a solo guy and part of a band and has recorded with it and his stuff even gets regional airplay and he's blogged about it.  He's got it in a guitar with an animal print graphic, so the "hunter" theme makes sense.  When he saw ESP's 2018 new product promo, there's a new Duncan pickup called The Hunter (or Hunter, or whatever). 

Meanwhile, the Duncan company hasn't mentioned it or promoted it and doesn't even have that artist on their roster.  The dude contacts the Duncan company as soon as he saw the ESP promo to see if there were options.  He even mentions the Magnetar situation at last year's NAMM... which in my mind, the guy has a practically identical situation going on.  Just this week, an executive from the Duncan company pretty much told him to take a hike and that they are taking the name.

Why mention this here?

People give DiMarzio a lot of lip over what some consider petty business practices... i.e., the double cream humbucker, and "PAF".  Meanwhile, the Duncan company appears to make a decided effort to be all west-coast California-hippie we're-all-friends in how they portray themselves.

My first point (finally! lol!) is that it can be seen that Larry was far more gracious than he had to be to a competitor's employee about the issue.  I'll let people make their own opinion about how the other company handled it when the shoe was on the other foot.

Secondly, it might be a cautionary tale for when people come up with ideas.  This dude doesn't seem to be looking for a payday for the branding of the pickup.  But he does seem a little bummed that he think he should be considering trademarks/copyrights/whatever as he goes forward.

And of course, to give credit to Satriani and Larry for being the bigger people in this whole thing.

The Pickup Place / PAF 59 Set
« on: February 07, 2017, 07:53:19 pm »
DP274 Neck
DP275 Bridge

Saw something about these coming out of NAMM. Sounds like they should be out around April.

Called in today to ask about them and they should have butyrate bobbins and alnico 5 with little/no potting and based off Larry's 59 Lester.

Looking forward to checking these out.

The Pickup Place / PAF 59 Set
« on: February 07, 2017, 07:52:47 pm »
DP274 Neck
DP275 Bridge

Saw something about these coming out of NAMM. Sounds like they should be out around April.

Called in today to ask about them and they should have butyrate bobbins and alnico 5 with little/no potting and based off Larry's 59 Lester.

Looking forward to checking these out.

The Trading Post / FS: Gotoh GE1996T Locking Tremolo Units, and extras
« on: September 14, 2016, 05:03:24 pm »
For Sale: 2 (two) Gotoh Locking Trem Units

thought I'd try the Gotoh branded version over the EBMM branded version.  decided to use a Floyd Rose instead.

please ask for more detailed photos, if needed.

1 is like-new GE1996T w/ less than an hour playing time
$90.00 shipped within ConUS via PP friend/family

comes with everything shown (what you see if what you get):
trem base w/ saddles, etc
trem arm
trem claw (never installed)
locking studs (never installed)
1.5 mm allen wrench
40mm block

1 is OEM off a 2000 EBMM Axis
$50.00 shipped within ConUS via PP friend/family

comes with everything shown (what you see if what you get):
trem base w/saddles, etc.
trem arm
wood stud posts
40mm block


1 set of titanium saddle blocks for Gotoh. 
will fit Gotoh, not Floyd.
these have been installed/used and will be free to whoever buys first

1 40mm big brass block for Gotoh
this has been installed/used and will only be made available for $10 to whoever buys these trems

fine print:  this sale will be posted in a few areas (forums, ebay, reverb, etc.).  pricing is non-negotiable.  no international shipping.  trems will be disassembled to save on shipping fees... if you do not know how to or want to assemble the items, I can ship in a larger box for $5 more.  items will not be held.  please be sure you know what you are getting.

I check DMZ Forum PMs daily, but can be reached quicker via my FB at link in signature below.

The Trading Post / FS: Bare Knuckle 'Rebel Yell' Calibrated Set
« on: June 03, 2016, 08:29:11 am »

Bare Knuckle Pickups 'Rebel Yell' Humbucker Calibrated set.

$210, shipping included (via USPS).  ConUS only.  PP friends/family.

Completed eBay listing show uncovered/open-coil sets going for $280-290.  Get them here now for less!

From the BKP site ( )

'The Rebel Yell just growls with an even harmonic richness that I never hear in other pickups. It's so full of clear bottom and perfect pick attack. These pickups are in a whole other league - they're the real deal!' Steve Stevens.

When Steve first came to Bare Knuckle he was adamant that the signature pickups he wanted were not just 'another metal pickup'. They had to be capable of a whole lot more. This kicked off a year of development and road testing while Steve was on tour culminating in the Rebel Yell humbucker signature set.

Closer offset coils of 43 AWG plain enamel wire retain the mid range punch of the hotter Nailbomb but produce a tighter bass response with cleaner highs and more presence. This gives the pickup an organic voice with plenty of impact, perfect for any player wanting a progressive humbucker rich in harmonic overtones and wide pick dynamics. Steve uses his volume pot a lot when he plays, so it was important that the Rebel Yell cleans up well when backing off the volume, on top of being able to push a tube amp hard for a fully saturated overdrive.

These came to me installed in a new custom build and should be considered pre-owned and not new.  They were direct-mounted with #2 wood screws, so the original threads remain functional.  What you are seeing on the feet of the neck pickup is where they were filed flat for the direct-mounting in that cavity for the specific pickup height... you can see in the photos the screws/springs work fine.  I applied the P-Touch labels, as BKP does not label them out of the box... the labels will peel right off.

The bridge has right at 12" of lead wire.  The neck has over 13" of lead wire.

Disclaimer: multimeter readings are to confirm functional products and can be slightly different based on your own multimeter and the temperature of the setting that you measure them in.

Disclaimer: multimeter readings are to confirm functional products and can be slightly different based on your own multimeter and the temperature of the setting that you measure them in.

I will post them on eBay by the end of next Tuesday, June 07.  The eBay pricing will have to be increased to account for eBay and PP fees.  Get them here now for less. 

Springs and screws are included.  Please contact me if you would like any specific details photos of one of both of the pickups.


The Pickup Place / Super 3, but shorter
« on: May 09, 2016, 11:35:38 am »
I have a great application for a Super 3.  but the guitar is direct mount and not set up for a pickup as tall as the Super 3 (or the Titan, or the MegaDrive, Illuminator, and so on).

now I'm looking for something that is the closest sounding to the Super 3 in a "normal" pickup height.  the Super 3's EQ/voice works for the application and the slight overall grind that gives a little edge to the "chugga chugga" palm mutes in 80s-style riff rock.  *note: there's a VHPAF in there now and that same facet is just not quite edgy enough*

the closest I think that I can imagine to a "shorter" Super 3 is the Dominion bridge.

any other ideas?


The Trading Post / FS: Bare Knuckles and Nickel Covers
« on: October 23, 2015, 04:05:03 pm »
already on ebay.  you can buy them here, or buy them there.  :)

  • all items are for 6 string guitars. 
  • all bridge pickups are 53mm
  • all neck pickups are standard spacing
  • lightly aged nickel covers are both standard spacing

$200.00 + s/h  Bareknuckle Pickups Aftermath 6 String Calibrated Set | eBay

$100.00 + s/h  Bareknuckle Pickups Emerald Neck Humbucker 6 String | eBay

$100.00 + s/h  Bareknuckle Pickups Cold sweat Bridge Humbucker 6 String | eBay

$30.00 + s/h  Lightly Aged Nickel Humbucker Pickup Covers Rewind Electric Custom Shop | eBay

The Pickup Place / T-Top and '59
« on: September 24, 2015, 01:43:07 pm »
out of the DiMarzio lineup, what do you guys think would be the closest thing to a T-Top bridge and a '59 neck?

I have an idea, but was wanting to see what you guys thought.


The Trading Post / WTB: your DiMarzios
« on: August 17, 2015, 08:45:45 pm »
looking for pickups such as, or maybe similar to:

DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge
DP260 PAF Master Neck
DP261 PAF Master Bridge
DP163 Bluesbucker (standard spaced)
DP244 Dominion Neck
DP151 PAF Pro (standard spaced)

all bridges F-spaced
all necks standard

shoot me a PM

The Pickup Place / Pup suggestions for Jackson PC-1
« on: July 14, 2015, 08:26:15 pm »
I went and did it. I found a smoking deal on another PC-1.

While there is nothing "wrong" with the Super 3 bridge and HS-2 middle, I've always wanted to get another PC-1 for the intent to gut all the sustainer circuitry and fill it up with all passive pickups.

I'd leave the 2 mini toggles for series/parallel or series/split/parallel for the middle and neck.

What do you guys think would make for a nice versatile set for such a guitar?  Maple top. Mahogany back. Maple neck. Maple board. German FR.

If I were interested in another brand, is consider a Hot Rail neck or a Little 59 neck. For the middle, it could be a JB Jr bridge or a Little 59 bridge.


The Pickup Place / Single coils for Trower and Gilmour tones
« on: April 29, 2015, 12:51:59 pm »
It's an AVRI '62 body and a '98 reverse headstock Voodoo neck with a maple cap going in to a Soldano HR50+ XL.

The Pickup Place / Peavy Wolgang OEM
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:43:23 pm »
it looks like the pickup in the Peavy Wolfgang is a DiMarzio.

does anyone know what model?

The Pickup Place / 7-string neck pickup
« on: January 21, 2015, 06:48:33 pm »
finally pulled the trigger on a Blaze Custom bridge for the Ibby Universe.  it's every much what I was hoping it would be.

I'd like to find a neck option for the Ibby as well.  basswood body, maple neck, rosewood board, 24 frets.  the Blaze neck is just sort of milquetoast to my ears.  examples of 6-string neck models that work out are the D-Activator neck and the HFH neck (although there is no 7-string version).  I also like the 6-string EBMM Axis neck.  the 6-string Super 2 gets a little too wooly in the lows and the 6-string LF is a little too soft/rounded/polite in the highs.

I rarely, if ever mix pickup in "in between" positions, so I'm not concerned with how it will blend with the Blaze Single in the middle.

I've heard the Evo7 is an interesting option for the neck.

The D Activator 7 looks good on paper, but since I have a 6 string version of that model, I'd like to break it up a little if possible.

any suggestions?

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