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The Trading Post / 16 PICKUPS FOR SALE!
« on: August 12, 2018, 10:05:17 pm »
All sold!

The Pickup Place / Nickel humbucker covers for dual row hex poles?
« on: August 10, 2016, 04:30:40 pm »
So for a few years now Dimarzio has been offering their dual row hex pole pickups (e.g. Super Distortion) with nickel covers.

Does anyone know if they sell that style of nickel covers separately so that one might outfit an existing pickup with a cover?

The Pickup Place / Solderless pickup connectors - my method
« on: March 17, 2015, 11:30:58 am »
Solderless pickup connections came up recently in discussion, and instead of sharing them privately, I thought I'd start a new thread in case others may benefit. My method is not the only method for solderless connections, but it is the best I have found.

First, you need a crimp tool. has a great tool for a very reasonable price:

Crimp tool:

There are lots of different styles of crimp tools out there, so for anyone who might say, "Oh yeah, I already have a crimp tool," just make sure yours can handle this size of connector. The one I linked to is solid, sturdy, and has ratcheting action. I like it.

You'll also need a wire stripper that goes down to at least 24 AWG. Pololu has those as well. I like their 16-26 AWG stripper:

If you scroll down on the crimp tool page at Pololu, you'll see male pins, female pins, and housings that work with this crimp tool. However I would discourage purchasing these for guitar purposes, and instead get them from The Pololu pins are inferior for audio signal, while the Mouser ones are gold plated and work wonderfully inside a guitar.

Female gold plated pins   - 538-16-02-0104
Male gold plated pins - 538-16-02-0117

2-pin small housing (plug) - 538-50-57-9002
2-pin housing receptacle (socket) - 538-70107-0001

The female pins go inside a small housing (plug), and the male pins go inside a housing receptacle (socket).

Male pins + socket go on the guitar side, and female pins + plug go on the pickup side.

Using 2-pin housing is important, even when you have 4 conductors and 4-pin housings are available. Reason being, the 2-pin housings will fit through wiring holes inside just about any guitar. Sometimes passage is a little tight, but it's very rare that I find a guitar that won't fit them. Note that the 2-pin housing product pages at Mouser show 6-pin housings. Don't be concerned -- those parts are the 2-pin versions. You can see them if you click the Documents tab then click the "3D PDF" link.

So you will need 2 pins per housing. Actually you will probably need some extras as you are learning -- there is a slight learning curve with the crimp tool and pins, so if you are starting out then you will probably waste a few pins as you get the hang of it.

The receptacles have a place for a latch, and there are latching plugs available. I rarely use the latching plugs, though. They are bulkier and you can run into clearance issues. Plus the non-latching ones are easily reversible, which makes troubleshooting and resolving phasing issues very easy.

Next time I do a pickup swap, I'll take some photos. I can expand this post into a tutorial later if people find it helpful.

The Trading Post / WTB/WTTF: Injector Neck
« on: June 06, 2014, 02:15:26 pm »
Looking for a Dimarzio Injector Neck (DP422) pickup. Color doesn't matter.

I have a Dimarzio VV Heavy Blues 2 I could trade, or I have some Lollars (several models) I could do a cash+trade on.

PM me if you can help out! I'm returning an Ibanez FRM100 back to stock before I sell it.

Ray... Are you the same Ray Barbee here?  Link:

If so, huge congratulations on a successful Kickstarter funding!  My circle of friends includes some BMX guys here in Utah so this has been all over my Facebook wall lately.

The Pickup Place / HSH middle pickup suggestions?
« on: February 08, 2013, 05:25:41 pm »
After years of swearing off both tremolo bridges and middle pickups, I find myself with a new guitar (incoming) with both, an Ibanez S570.  I'm thinking either Norton or Crunch Lab in the bridge, and Breed neck in the neck, but I'm not sure about the middle position.

I doubt I'll be using the middle pickup a lot on its own.  In fact I may change the wiring to eliminate that option in favor of something else.  But I do want the 2nd and 4th positions to sound glassy and stratty.  I would also like to be able to lower the height of the middle pickup to get it out of the way when I dig in and go nuts.

From searching around it looks like a lot of people like the HS-2.  I hate to question conventional wisdom here, but that seems like it has super low output, no?

Suggestions/advice?  No rails in this guitar, but it doesn't necessarily have to be hum-canceling.  Thanks.

Everything you wanted to know about .... / Dimarzio Bass Pickups
« on: November 30, 2012, 09:00:06 am »
This is probably an overdue topic.  Not much bass discussion around here, and not many of us are bassists.   I'm not much of a bassist myself, either, but as a student of tone and Dimarzio aficionado, I thought I'd get this ball rolling because I'd love to see what other opinions are out there on Dimarzio's bass pickups.

The Pickup Place / Dominion Bridge compared to...?
« on: October 16, 2012, 07:27:15 pm »
I pulled the trigger on a Dominion today.  I actually would have bought another Tone Zone, except I wanted some custom options.  So I decided to get a Dominion instead to try, and if it doesn't suit me then I'll exchange it for a custom TZ.

Those of you who have spent a lot of time rocking Dominions and have tried other pickups from Dimarzio, what would you compare the Dominion to?  Similarities and differences?

The Pickup Place / Mark Morton flipping the bird
« on: June 18, 2012, 03:06:52 pm »
Larry finally got rid of John Petrucci on the Dimarzio site front page!

Sweet looking axe there.  I looked up MM's signature Jackson, and the specs show dual 59's for the pickups.  What's up with that?  I knew he used 59's but you'd think they'd change the spec on his signature guitar to include his signature pickups, no?

List all the Dimarzios you've owned (past or present) OR played long enough to get properly acquainted with.  Listening to sound clips does not count, nor does playing in a store!

Here's my list:

Air Classic Bridge
Air Classic Neck
Air Zone
Breed Bridge
Breed Neck
Crunch Lab
D-Activator Bridge
D-Activator Neck
D-Activator X Neck
Humbucker from Hell
PAF 36th bridge
PAF 36th neck
Super Distortion
Tone Zone
Virtual Hot PAF
Virtual PAF bridge
Virtual PAF neck

Area 58
Area 61
Area 67
Injector Bridge
Injector Neck
Pro Track
VV Blues
VV Heavy Blues 2

DLX Bridge
P90 Super Distortion
P90 Soapbar
Tone Zone P90
Virtual P90

Model P

The Pickup Place / Pulled the trigger on a Railhammer
« on: June 06, 2012, 05:33:32 pm »
I've got one guitar (Dean Cadillac) with a Virtual PAF in the neck that is one of the sweetest, most incredible, and most versatile pickups ever.  In the bridge slot it's seen a lot of different Dimarzios, and while some have given me a temporary swoon, none of them have quite been the total package, or different enough from other guitars.  Since I got the guitar nearly 2 years ago it's seen a Crunch Lab, old and new Super Distortions, D-Activator, PAF Pro, Norton, Virtual Hot PAF, PAF 36th, currently an Air Zone, and maybe some others I can't think of at the moment.

The best so far was the early 80s Super Distortion which I sorely regret getting rid of.  I made the mistake of assuming it would sound the same as a modern 4-conductor one.  Wrong!  Close, but definitely not the same.

Railhammer pickups came out a few months ago, made by the same guy behind Reverend guitars, Joe Naylor, who was incidentally a lutherie classmate of Jason Lollar.  Since I am on the Reverend mailing list I found out about Railhammers early on and was intrigued, but none of the demo clips really turned me on.  On a lark I checked them out again today, and there were a lot of new sound clips that answered any questions I still had about them.

Despite having a few other unfinished guitar projects, I ordered a Hyper Vintage bridge model today.

I spent years thinking of myself as NOT a strat guy, but I changed my mind and started looking for one.  I ended up scoring a sweet deal on a 2009 American Deluxe in beautiful condition.

So the stock pickguard is off (for sale if anyone wants it) and I've got good times ready to go with an Area 58, Area 61, two Area 67s, Injector bridge, and Injector neck.  Plenty to mix and match with.  I'm going to be doing a fairly ambitious wiring setup involving a Megaswitch M and 4PDT toggle to get 10 different sounds (link: 

It may be a couple of weeks before I actually have time to do the wiring, but in the meantime I wanted to hear some other thoughts on which Area pickups you like in which position, and why.

After playing guitar for (how many years??!?) I just scored my first strat, alder with maple neck/fretboard.  What took me so long?  It came with a set of Fender Texas Specials, which I do like very much, but I want to put together a 2nd pickguard with a reverse slant bridge pickup and noiseless Dimarzios for swapping out depending on my mood.

So far I've got an Injector bridge and an Area 67 for the neck.  I want to get a middle pickup that will give me the Chuck Berry Buddy Holly sound when I want it, and also not sacrifice the funky old-school quack when combined in position 2 with the Injector.

VV Blues, VV 54 Pro, and Area 61 all seem like candidates, but I'm not sure how they'd combine in position 2 with the Injector in the bridge.  What do you guys think?

The Pickup Place / New pickup: Area T 615
« on: January 23, 2012, 09:42:20 am »
There's a new pickup up on the Dimarzio site, the Area T 615:

It looks like something right about halfway between the Area T and Area Hot T.

Anyone care to guess what the significance of "615" is?

The Pickup Place / Question about phase & ground wire - P90 content
« on: January 11, 2012, 05:39:13 pm »
What's up everybody, glad to see the board back!

In my Reverend Warhawk 390 at the moment I've got a Dimarzio Soapbar in the bridge, and Lollars in the neck and middle.  The Dimarzio Soapbar is pretty great in its own way and is not out of its league beside the Lollars.  Not sure I would want to use it in the neck, and for the middle I wish it was just slightly brighter, but it's very nice in the bridge and just might stay there permanently.

A good friend of mine has enlightened me with regards to solderless connectors.  I'm a quick hand with a soldering iron and would still use it for permanent/semi-permanent connections, but for the whole "making up my mind" thing it's quite handy.

For the connectors on the Dimarzio I've got the bare ground wire and one conductor together for one connection, and the other conductor for the other connection.  It turned out, though, that this was out of phase with the Lollars.  With the connectors I can easily swap the hot and ground, and when I do it's in phase.  However, this is my question:

Now I've got the bare wire attached to the hot conductor.  It sounds fine, and there's not any extra noise that I notice.  Is this a problem?  I've only ever known to attach the bare wire to ground.  What do you fellas (ahem Luijo) think?  It wouldn't be that big of a deal to re-do the connectors, but I did them all nice with heat shrink and everything, and since it sounds fine and all... is it necessary?

Not the world's most pressing matter, but since the board's been down for several days I thought I'd toss it out here.

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