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Try the Norton or the AT-1. The Air Norton could also work.

AT-1 also came to mind.

Would not the AT-1 be middier than the 36th Bridge?  I am looking for something with less midrange.

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Try the Norton or the AT-1. The Air Norton could also work.

The 36th replaced a Norton, which overpowered the Area 58s and was middier than the 36th Bridge. 

Hi guys -

Superstrat guitar (Cort G290) that is HSS.  Has a 36th bridge with 2 Area 58s in neck and middle.

When I switch to bridge, I feel like the tone changes fundamentally more than I wish.  The 36th bridge is quite midrangey relative to the high end.  To me, it is not blending nicely with the singles.

I am considering changing to a 36th Neck or a PAF Pro for the bridge slot.

I play everything, mostly pop-rock or classic rock, into a piece of Fractal gear through front of house or a FRFR rig.



The Trading Post / WTB: Dimarzio PAF Master Neck
« on: November 07, 2017, 10:30:19 am »
Hi Everyone,

Looking for a DiMarzio PAF Master Neck.  Black.  Can be regular or F-spacing.


The Pickup Place / Re: Transitions in a Les Paul?
« on: June 02, 2017, 04:40:26 pm »
I tried them in the music man Luke III HH and only liked them in  positions 2 and 4. Otherwise, they were too dark.

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The Pickup Place / Re: Air Classic set
« on: May 26, 2017, 02:12:01 pm »

Yup! Since I wanted this guitar to have authentic singlecoil tones I've already changed the pickups once so now it has True Velvets and a VHPAF. Love the TV's so they are staying. I really dig the VHPAF too but it's still too hot and middy to match well with the TV's.
I actually emailed the Dimarzio Tech about it but that guy must've been on crack that day. He suggested the PAF Master Bridge which is even hotter and middier than the VHPAF.
I'm hoping the ACN will save the day cuz the TV's are definitely staying!

Actually, no. The PAF Master is brighter and less middy than the 36th Anniversary neck, which is close to the VHPAF.

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Well, I took the guitar to my local Music Go Round, and the guy asked me if I could wait in the store while he did the pot switch. Seriously.  He finished the whole job in 35 minutes.  No kidding. And they were tiny mini-pots that were difficult to do.  I was quite pleased.

The high end on both pickups really increased, and I'm thrilled that I can begin finding the right pickups for this guitar.  Really.  Thanks for the advice, everyone!


In practice I have not noticed any substantial change in the pot travel/action (the taper itself stays the same).

Thanks, Stephan.  I will go ahead with this plan.  Change the volume pot and look for a difference in the neck humbucker high end.  If the bridge high end gets too high, then I will add a resistor.



I second the recommendation to change to a 500k volume control. To make the bridge pickup see a 250k load, add a 470k resistor (or two 1 meg resistors in parallel for 500k) from the bridge pickup's hot connection to ground.

Cheers Stephan

I am going to go through with this. 

Will adding the resistor from the bridge pickup to ground change the taper of the tone pot for the bridge pickup?


Sounds like great advice.  Stephan, thanks for the footwork in looking that stuff up, and in making the recommendation re: the circuitry adjustment.

Just to be clear, you would leave the tone at 250k, but change the volume to 500k?

Not really interested in Shred.  Just more classic rock, versatile.

Dimarzio candidates that I have in mind include 36th neck, PAF Pro, PAF Master Neck, mostly.

The Pickup Place / Need a Dimarzio neck humbucker with bite under gain
« on: March 17, 2017, 05:47:51 pm »
Hi All,

Yamaha RGX820z. 250k controls. Plays like buttah.

Came with JB and 59n. Didn't like. Replaced with MoJoe and PAF Joe that sounded OK in it, but I didn't like the "fake" harmonics that came with those pickups. I sent them back for an Air Norton in the bridge and an Air Classic Neck. AN bridge worked well, but Air Classic sounded too soft with gain, not enough attack and bite. I have a Norton that I bought some years ago from someone on the forum, and would like to put it in bridge eventually.

While every bridge pickup in that guitar has sounded good (except for a JB), every neck pickup has sounded either boomy/wooly, weak, slow, etc. Even the with a magnet swap, a 59N with A4 magnet sounds a tad mushy. So far, whenever I have found something in the neck that is bright enough, it sounds weak under gain.

So I am looking for a neck pickup that wounds somewhat clear when clean and has bite with gain.  Thanks.

Waaaaay muffled.  I like a more prominent high end.

So basically, a Norton/ToneZone setup without the Dual Resonance(which I hate anyway). LOL

So, since the Air Norton is half Fred & half TZ, wouldn't this make the neck pup close to an aired Fred?

The Pickup Place / Re: De-airing Dimarzio pups???
« on: March 08, 2012, 10:01:19 pm »
Be careful with the wires, they are not as sturdy as they used to be.

Which wires do you mean?

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