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Title: PAF '59
Post by: Guitar74 on October 08, 2019, 11:17:33 am
So I look at the PAF '59 and get a little confused. The marketing jargon starts by saying they used Larry's '59 Les Paul cherry sunburst as the reference. I thought that was what they did for the 36th anniversary paf.

They really DO need some new blood in marketing. Also, if you already have a set that used your guitar as a reference, then why do ANOTHER set that uses your guitar as a reference.

Needless to say I am more than a little confused on this one.
Title: Re: PAF '59
Post by: greenlion on October 08, 2019, 05:09:01 pm
From what I understand, the 36th set was an attempt to make a set SOUND like his old PAF set, using more modern technology. The Paf 59 set was an attempt to make a set that was more PHYSICALLY accurate to the older PAF type pickups. I have tried both, and still have only the 36th set...
Title: Re: PAF '59
Post by: marcwormjim on October 09, 2019, 01:41:49 am

36 and 59 shoot for the same target in two markets: “Built better than they used to be”, and “Built like they used to be.”

I don’t pretend to understand why two pickup sets aiming for the same sound coexist while Dimarzio refuses to produce the VPAF and VHPAF on the grounds that they’re “too similar” to the one they’re already double-dipping with.
Title: Re: PAF '59
Post by: Guitar74 on October 09, 2019, 06:39:01 am
From what I've heard from other vpaf and vhpaf were really good sounding pickups too. On one hand, it would make think they are running lean to keep cost down, but then they keep two pickups which really seem to hit the same target.

I could be wrong on this, but it seems their catalog had more in the 80s. Like I said. I could be wrong on that one. And without an 80s catalog, probably am.
Title: Re: PAF '59
Post by: DarthPhineas on October 09, 2019, 08:35:58 am
The VPAF and the VHPAF and the 36th bridge are all good pickups. The neck versions of those aren’t quite as lively as I’d personally care for, but a lot of players do like the neck versions a lot and DiMarzio should take note.

The PAF Master set and the PAF 59 set were both incredibly disappointing when I didn’t think they met up to the marketing.

DiMarzio is known a little more for innovative approaches to the end result. Them trying to make a “59” the same way they did in Kalamazoo would be like me thinking I can use a microwave to cook griddle cakes like they did out on the cattle drive.

I’m not sure if Gabby is Larry’s daughter or granddaughter or niece or whatever. But she seems the most enthusiastic and should be doing more in the marketing and promotions than just social media. Some fresh blood would help out a lot.

Also, DiMarzio is the only major pickup company that I can think of that takes “customer favorite” models totally off the menu to zero availability.
Title: Re: PAF '59
Post by: greenlion on October 20, 2019, 10:18:22 pm
I remember liking the Virtual Hot Paf and Virtual PAF neck when they came out way back when, but I recently found a used Virtual Hot Paf and thought I would try it again. I couldn't believe how artificial it sounds to me now. I don't know whether my taste in pickups has just changed, or it was just because I had it in another guitar, but what I remembered as a 3-d sound just sounds "fake" to me now.