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The Pickup Place / UPDATE: Super Distortion - Transition Neck
« Last post by 123RnR on February 21, 2018, 07:34:29 pm »
Got the guitar back from the tech!

Just turning on the Blackstar HT-40 (with the settings I had). HOLY MOLY! The Super Distortion gave me the real KISS tone, very powerful and cool indeed! Boston, Def Leppard rhythm tone, Judas Priest, etc. I could even nail early EVH tones! The Transition, well.... it was dark, very EMG like, lacked spark, sterile sounding, very bassy, dry... It ain't the best neck pickup I have ever played... A day later (today) I gave it tries thru my Marshall MG15CD and the Blackstar HT-40.  The Transition has an amazing singing tone. Sounds more Slash than Slash with just the right push so the creamy sounds get out with punch not stuck. The Transition necks acts like a bridge pickup. It ain't a traditional sounding neck pickup, the leads are better than the ones in the Super D, it cleans up pretty well with the volume knob too, very good tracking too.

I believe this is a quite ''unbalanced'' combination. The Super D sounds amazing, but needs a more vintage pickup in the neck position. The Transition, well... maybe get paired with the Transition bridge?   I know the Transition will part from this guitar one day into another, but I will not sell it. It definitely offers something.  I'm actually thinking of using Super D for rhythm and riffs, Transition for solos and cleans; but both clean up pretty well.

The Duncan Custom SH-5 is definitely still one of my favorite pickups and the one I believe is closest to the Dimarzio Super Distortion. The SH-5 is darker with more thump in the bass, slightly less mids. The SD offers better cleans, but the SH-5 has better OD leads. Very interesting. 

 I believe the case at least on this guitar will continue...
The Transition would go to another guitar in the future. Just need something that's really a neck pickup, not a neck pickup pretending to be a bridge pickup.
The Pickup Place / Re: Touch and feel of Norton vs Air Norton
« Last post by mertay on February 20, 2018, 11:27:12 am »
You'll probably want to check liquifire or newer petrucci PU's.

Petrucci used the AN upsidedown or a modded version of it and my guess is as you mention, the attack. I'd like to think although not the same character (even if the eq spec.s seem similar) probably the later releaced ones solved such problem.
The Pickup Place / Re: Best Twin Blade Single Coil Size Humbucker for Split Coil Sound
« Last post by Psalm150 on February 18, 2018, 10:31:16 am »
Hey, thanks for the great input!....I think I will go with the Satch Track option in the neck position and see how much versatility I can squeeze out of it with the different wiring configs....thanks for helping to seal the deal! God bless!
The current selection has us choosing by output rating as much as anything. I’ve only used the Air Norton S and Satch Track (both in neck position).

- I found the AN in series to be as muddy as its big brother, quite a bit nicer when split, and a compromise between the two in parallel. I tried it in two guitars before selling it. Others may prefer the way it thickened up with gain. Check out videos of Greg Howe playing his old Laguna sig for examples.

- I found the Satch Track superior in every respect. I also found the parallel and split sounds so similar as to often only use the parallel option for noiseless single coil sounds. I find its throaty midrange really growls the more gain is added. As with its big brother the PAF Joe (which I have in a different guitar), its series mode sounds like someone trying to get a Hendrix sound from a humbucker, whereas the split mode has more of a polite SRV thing going (more “Lenny” than “Texas Flood”).

As always, your mileage may vary. I’d love to check out some of the others in the range.
The Pickup Place / Best Twin Blade Single Coil Size Humbucker for Split Coil Sound
« Last post by Psalm150 on February 16, 2018, 09:18:55 am »
Just curious if anyone knows which of the DiMarzio Twin Blade Single Coil Size Humbuckers might work best for split coil mode...I have a Warmoth Telecaster project i'm working on and have purchased the Chopper T for the bridge position....Wanted to see if anyone had any experience with splitting one of these models in the neck and which might produce the best sound in split coil mode...I know there is no way for it to sound exactly like a tele or strat single coil but looking for an option that will give good results in both humbucker and split coil mode....Style of music is modern worship (Bethel, Hillsong, Vertical Church, etc.)...when I asked the DiMarzio tech support, they suggested the Satch Track for best split coil results...they said the Cruiser would not sound that great split....what about the others (Pro Track, Tone Zone, Fast Track 1, Air Norton S, etc)? Any input would be most appreciated! Note, not looking for a pure Telecaster sound, moreso looking for the most versatile setup that can achieve good options in multiple switching configurations (humbucker, split coil, series, parallel)...
Thanks in advance!
The Pickup Place / Re: Touch and feel of Norton vs Air Norton
« Last post by marcwormjim on February 16, 2018, 05:32:15 am »
If youíre handy enough to replace your own pickups, you can ďairĒ the magnet of the Norton and see for yourself.

There are decades of marketing mumbo jumbo clouding info about the Air pickups, but I donít think anyone will disagree if I describe the mod as decreasing the amount of voltage the pickup is able to induce. I would say that, yes, aired pickups exhibit a softer pick attack as a byproduct of this; as Iíve previously A/Bíd recordings of a pickup thatís been aired against recordings of the pickup without the mod, but lowered away from the strings until it has a similar output. But those recordings are long-gone, and I have only my faulty memories for reference.
The Pickup Place / Touch and feel of Norton vs Air Norton
« Last post by StratDaddy on February 15, 2018, 10:58:49 am »
I've just discovered through experimentation that I love the tone of the regular Norton in the neck position of my HH strat. My reason for joining this forum was to ask the following:

How dramatically does the Air technology change the pick attack and dynamics of the pickup?

Is the tonality as close to identical as Dimarzio indicates?

I most recently had an Air Classic installed and one of the reasons I pulled it from the guitar was that the pick attack always seemed softer than what I wanted, I don't want that quality if it effects the Air Norton similarly.

The advantage the Air Norton would give me is the lowered output, giving me more flexibility with my bridge oickup choice. (That is where the regular Norton was before I gor the experimentation bug.) The advantage of the Norton is that I already know I like it there with downside that the output is higher, since I usually like about 50% more output from the bridge for my use.

Due to spacing whether I choose Norton or Air N I've got to buy another pickup anyhow, so it's not a tiebreaker that I already have a Norton.
By bored experimentation I discovered I love how it sounds. I get no mud in my alder strat. It really brings to mind the thickness of certain shorter scale set neck guitars famous for thick lush humbucker tones.
The Pickup Place / Re: Anyone try the Norton DP160 in the neck?
« Last post by StratDaddy on February 15, 2018, 10:37:40 am »
I have it currently in a alder strat. The tone is sublime to my ears, it isn't the mud everyone fears. I didn't change any settings on my amp other than reducing the gain a touch and the sound has all the thick, rich qualities I'd normally associate with a shorter-scale set neck guitar. In fact the reason I just joined this forum was to discuss the Norton vs the Air Norton in such cases, so look for that thread if you are curious there as well.
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