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The Pickup Place / Re: Bluesbucker brighter than 36th Ann PAF?
« Last post by buddroyce on Today at 06:16:22 pm »
The Bluesbucker is tonally brighter than the PAF 36ths for me. It's still one of my favourite pickups.
The Pickup Place / Bluesbucker brighter than 36th Ann PAF?
« Last post by Matt_B on Today at 12:20:36 pm »
I'm thinking about switching out a pair of 36th Ann PAFs (bridge and neck models) for a pair of Bluesbuckers because I've got too many guitars with PAFs. I want something different but in the same vintage category and not a PAF.

I've already got one guitar with EJ Customs and I've owned a guitar with a Humbucker from Hell so I'm not going there on this guitar.

On paper, the Bluesbucker seems brighter so I'm just looking for validation of this. Assuming all things are equal (same guitars, some pots) is the Bluesbucker perceptibly brighter than the 36 Ann PAFs?
Guitar Lounge / Ibanez rgt42dxfx what do people think of it
« Last post by robert stonecipher on May 19, 2018, 12:26:39 pm »
i put super distotion in the bridge and 36th annivercary in the neck
The Pickup Place / Re: Air Norton/Tone Zone opinion request
« Last post by fint on May 18, 2018, 04:26:30 pm »
Thanks again for all the great feedback guys.

So finally everything came in and I can say that this pickup combo on the SBMM Albert Lee sounds great!  I initially was worried about it sounding like a mud bomb, but it doesn't.

Great low end and each note is articulated quite well.  Thanks again for everyone that chimed in!
The Pickup Place / Re: Which DiMarzio is closest to SD Custom?
« Last post by RavenMoon on May 17, 2018, 10:36:35 pm »
Ace Frehley and Tom Scholz also use the Super D.

Lots and lots of people used them back in the day. Al DiMeola used them too. 

Still a great pickup.

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The Pickup Place / Re: Tremonti Treble (bridge) + DiMarzio Pro Track (Neck) ?
« Last post by buddroyce on May 17, 2018, 07:07:08 pm »
By darker I'm referring to a rounder, less trebly sound with less presence. It's not a bad thing, some people like to have very different sounding neck pickup to contrast their bridge pickup, others don't like that much of a drastic difference.

I wouldn't worry too much about the output. They'll all balance well with your bridge pickup.
The Pickup Place / Re: Official Press Release: Pandemonium
« Last post by buddroyce on May 17, 2018, 07:01:27 pm »
Dimarzio told me they come as is, and no modifications are planned.
That’s a bummer. 
I’m not a buyer in that case.

The Pickup Place / Re: Official Press Release: Pandemonium
« Last post by DarthPhineas on May 17, 2018, 09:24:02 am »
Dimarzio told me they come as is, and no modifications are planned.
Thatís a bummer. 
Iím not a buyer in that case.

So far my favorite "fat" strat neck pickup is the Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 but that one still retains a stratty character. As a step up from there, SatchTrack or Chopper could work but I never tried the SatchTrack at all and have not tried the Chopper in the neck - this may be a lot darker than the Air Norton S in the bridge.

Cheers Stephan
Looking for recommendations for neck and middle pickups (single coil sized, but most likely something from Dimarzio's rail pickups) that will match well with an Air Norton S in the bridge position of my strat (alder hardtail with maple neck/rosewood fretboard).

Up to this point, I had been using an EVH Wolfgang humbucker in the bridge and it sounded great (single humbucker setup, no other pickups on the guitar).  I recently pulled an Air Norton S from the neck position of a super strat as it sounded too warm in that position, and decided to put it in the bridge of my main strat. 

It sounds fantastic there, so I'm wondering what might match up well with it.  I can't stand the in-between sounds on a strat, so this will just be a 3-way blade style switch, and no coil taps, parallel wiring, etc.

I'm thinking a Chopper in the middle and a Pro Track in the neck, or possibly a Chopper in the middle and neck positions.  Looking for something thicker but clear out of the neck and middle positions, nothing thin or typical "strat" sounding.

What else might be good?  Mainly distorted playing, but a lot of stuff where I use the volume knob to clean up the sound.

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