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The Pickup Place / Re: Air Classic set
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on Today at 12:33:13 am »

Actually, no. The PAF Master is brighter and less middy than the 36th Anniversary neck, which is close to the VHPAF.

Actually the VHPAF is very close to the 36th bridge, not neck. 

Air Classics are friggin awesome, some of the best PAFs out there.  I don't think you'd need the neck version in bridge to match with singles though.  With a 250k vol, the bridge version matches nicely with singles in the 6k range.
The Pickup Place / Re: Questions about DP163 Bluesbucker
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on Today at 12:29:39 am »
Not out of phase with Duncan humbuckers.  if you use black or red as the hot on the Duncan, use red hot on the BB; if you use white or green as hot on the Duncan, use black hot on the BB. 

Positive and negative on 4 conductor pickups is purely arbitrary.  Learn which colors go to which coil and which polary the magnets are from different manufacturers, and ignore the recommended wiring, it often leads to problems. 

BB does not sound like a P90.  Its a humbucker with some single coil character.  The slug coil isn't exactly a dummy coil, it does add *some* sound.  If you want to hear it as a single but still hum cancelling (and I personally do) push the slugs out of the slug coil. 

Wish they'd make a version of it using non-ferrous dummy poles on the slugs, but oh well.  Knocking them out does essentially the same. 

Which direction the screw coil goes it matters a LOT.  Screw coil toward bridge is brighter, toward neck, darker.  As to which is right for you, which do you want?  I can't tell you that.  I like the screws toward the bridge as a neck pickup; what you want out of it as a bridge pickup depends on your goals.  Screws toward bridge is pretty friggin bright.  Screws toward neck is ... well you just have to hear it.  Doesn't sound like any other bridge pickup.
Air Classic bridge w/ Alnico 8:  All the delicate, complex nature of the AC but with decidedly more kick, essentially the same tone. 
The Pickup Place / Re: Satchur8 - Magnetar Name Change
« Last post by RayBarbeeMusic on Today at 12:14:47 am »
I love how people crap themselves over Dimarzio copyrighting a color on a certain bobbin/pole configuration, but give Duncan a pass about constantly invoking certain tones from well known artists to sell pickups without giving those artists any royalties.  They do that by not *exactly* mentioning the name, but making it pretty GD clear who it is. 

The Pickup Place / Re: EMG 81 vs EMG 85
« Last post by RavenMoon on January 19, 2018, 01:02:21 pm »
The 58 is a nicer pickup than the 85. You can get those as a custom order. The 85 is an updated version with more balanced coils for less noise.

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The Pickup Place / Satchur8 - Magnetar Name Change
« Last post by DarthPhineas on January 19, 2018, 10:32:13 am »
This pickup's name change was something that I avoided discussing over the past year, mainly because I thought part of the situation was so lame.

It's no secret that the original name for the new Satriani humbucker was Magnetar.  It was listed at NAMM last year, along with a few other new models (that included the PAF 59,  Imperium, and Dark Matter 2 for example).

One of Duncan's employees went to Satriani and DiMarzio.  Something about he had a one-off custom shop pickup made and had called it Magnetar.  Anyone can do that and make up their own name for it.  I even have one with a made up name (big whoop).  But... the employee laid it down that he had blogged about it and recorded with it and bragged about it to people.

Still, Joe and Larry gave Magnetar a pass.  They didn't have to.  Honestly, I think that Satchur8 is a MUCH cooler name for a Satriani pickup... so a big win there.

Something popped up on my radar a few days ago.  Some dude modified a stock pickup (don't know what brand).  He called it The Hunter (or Hunter, or whatever).  He's had it for a while, but not clear on how long.  Now, he is a solo guy and part of a band and has recorded with it and his stuff even gets regional airplay and he's blogged about it.  He's got it in a guitar with an animal print graphic, so the "hunter" theme makes sense.  When he saw ESP's 2018 new product promo, there's a new Duncan pickup called The Hunter (or Hunter, or whatever). 

Meanwhile, the Duncan company hasn't mentioned it or promoted it and doesn't even have that artist on their roster.  The dude contacts the Duncan company as soon as he saw the ESP promo to see if there were options.  He even mentions the Magnetar situation at last year's NAMM... which in my mind, the guy has a practically identical situation going on.  Just this week, an executive from the Duncan company pretty much told him to take a hike and that they are taking the name.

Why mention this here?

People give DiMarzio a lot of lip over what some consider petty business practices... i.e., the double cream humbucker, and "PAF".  Meanwhile, the Duncan company appears to make a decided effort to be all west-coast California-hippie we're-all-friends in how they portray themselves.

My first point (finally! lol!) is that it can be seen that Larry was far more gracious than he had to be to a competitor's employee about the issue.  I'll let people make their own opinion about how the other company handled it when the shoe was on the other foot.

Secondly, it might be a cautionary tale for when people come up with ideas.  This dude doesn't seem to be looking for a payday for the branding of the pickup.  But he does seem a little bummed that he think he should be considering trademarks/copyrights/whatever as he goes forward.

And of course, to give credit to Satriani and Larry for being the bigger people in this whole thing.
The Pickup Place / Re: Questions about DP163 Bluesbucker
« Last post by DarthPhineas on January 19, 2018, 09:39:34 am »
Which direction do you recommend to install neck and bridge pickup respectively?

Does Bluesbaker also has out of phase with Duncan pickup polarity?

If you are using with PAF, which side is the favorite side for Bluesbucker?

basically,  try it and see what works for you.  take your time with the wiring or maybe find a qualified tech that you trust to do it for you.

my Bluesbucker is 10.013k series, 3.446k north coil, and 6.606k south coil.  it's as much of a single coil when split than any other split humbucker.

The Pickup Place / Questions about DP163 Bluesbucker
« Last post by psychepool on January 19, 2018, 04:54:01 am »
Hi all. I'm first time to here. :)

Since I've been using Seymour Duncan, I've been looking for Seymour Duncan's products when I'm looking for new pickups.
But today I can not bear the curiosity, and I bought Dimarzio bluesbucker.

While waiting for delivery, I joined the forum and wrote some questions to know some knowledge about it.

BluesBucker was a pickup with all the specs that I was looking for when I read the product description.
- P90 sound with hum-canceling
- Can be mounted on humbucker routes
- True single coil tone when split coil

If these things really get implemented, it will be exactly what I was looking for.

But it is very unique pickup so there are a lot of things to worry about.
Let me ask you a few questions.

1. Pickup mounting direction

I know the slug-side coil of this pickup is almost dummy, and the one responsible for the actual sound is the screw-side coil.
So I heard that the sound varies a lot depending on the install direction of screw-side coil.
Like the tones in the series mode, the split single coil tones are also important for me.
Which direction do you recommend to install neck and bridge pickup respectively?

2. Combination with Duncan or Gibson pickup

I have previously installed both Duncan and Dimarzio pickups in one guitar.
I like the Neck + Bridge parallel tone very much.
But when I installed with the manuals of each brand, so I got out of phase when parallel.
If this is the case, connect one of them in the opposite direction.
But Bluesbucker has a direction to use, so I think we need to change the polarity of Duncan pickups.
Does Bluesbaker also has out of phase with Duncan pickup polarity?
Like the SH-1, if both coils are the same pickup, there's no matter.
But I think there will be a problem with asymmetrical pick-ups like the SH-16 that I use.
And I wonder if there are no out of phase issues with Gibson pickups with braided 2 conductor wires.

3. Combination with PAF style pickups

Whether it's on the neck or on the bridge when fitted with PAF-style pickups like the Duncan 59 or Gibson 57,
If I am satisfied with this, I would like to install neck bridges pair, but since I bought one, I plan to put on the neck.
But since the DC resistance is larger than the PAF, I think it is more appropriate to attach it to the bridge.
If you are using with PAF, which side is the favorite side for Bluesbucker?

That is all.
It is the contents that I can see when I install it by myself,
but it is hard to endure the question while waiting for delivery because I have big expectation on it.
please answer about my question. Thanks!
I'd bet its the stock pickup that came with that model. There weren't that many aftermarket pickups that size.

Good call. I bet she did not replace it because she rarely (if at all) used it.

Cheers Stephan
The only pickup hotter in the Area line than the Injector bridge would be the Virtual Solo. However, if the Injector bridge is far too bright for you I don't think you would be happy with the Virtual Solo.

If you don't mind double rail pickups, the Chopper would be potential solution. I have one in a strat together with an Area 58 in the middle and an Area 67 in the neck, and they balance very well in tone and output. Since you have an Injector neck in the neck (great pickup BTW) you could go even higher output in the bridge, e.g. with a Pro Track. If you go with something like the Super Distortion S in the bridge you should split it in combination with the Area 67 whereas this would not be necessary with the Chopper.

Since you also mentioned that you want to use the guitar for lower tunings I stick with the Chopper recommendation. The Chopper should not be flubby with your set up.

Cheers Stephan
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