Author Topic: Which one is the best superstrat-style guitar? (Hamer, Suhr, Music Man, PRS)  (Read 1127 times)

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Many of us love super strat style guitars, with thin neck, high output pickups and tremolo that allow to do some insane Dive-bombs. So I recorded some of my favourite guitars, to see how they hold up together. This is long video, because I was trying to show as many sounds as I could.  but below the video you can find timecodes for faster navigation.


Unfortunately I didn't have any Jackson, Kramer, Ibanez, ESP guitars at the moment, so there isn't a comprehensive superstrat battle, but I did my best. Maybe next time I'll have more guitars to try.

Obviously, every guitar makes you play differently; strings, pickups weren't the same, so take this review with a grain of salt. My playing is not the best but im not auditioning for you band anyway :)

As for me I'm big Hamer guitars fan, I feel that Hamer and some really good Gibson custom Shop reissues has that vintage mojo that everyone is looking for.
but I'm sure everyone there is guitar for everyone, they all good in their own way, and everybody has his own preferences so opinions will be all over the place.

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The Hamer sounds better than any of them to me. I love Superstrats too. I play Les Pauls, SG's, PRS's, Tele's and regular Strats, but always feel like I'm back home on an Ibanez or Jackson shred stick.

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Heck, I got my CL6 because it's a headless but looks and feels for all intents and purposes like a superstrat, and then my Strandy Classic 6 because it's. . . honestly it's basically a superstrat with a couple of bites taken out, even looks the part pretty well.

I'd go Hamer > Suhr > PRS > Majesty > Axis personally. Killer riffs, and killer sounds!

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God. I donít know. I have so many super strats of differing brands. I still have a soft spot for the one I have had since my freshman year in high school, my Ď89 Peavey Tracer Deluxe. Basically a bolt on version of the Vandenburg. Same pickups, same bridge (Kahler Spyder), same neck. The fact that it made it through my teenage gigging yrs. just cements it at the top of my heap.

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I think what strikes me the most about that comparo is how close they actually all are to each other.
Yes, I could hear some subtle differences between them but the average civilian would never be able to.
Further, once mixed in with other instruments in a live band situation, I think it's likely that many of us wouldn't be able to hear any differences either.
Of course, there is a reason for that.
A whole lot of signal processing and gain.
Even the "clean" sounds were pretty wet.
I feel this demonstrates that what happens downstream from the guitar has a greater affect on final tone than the guitar itself.

Thank you for drawing this to my attention.
I will use this video as an educational tool.