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New (to me) Jem Jr
« on: October 05, 2019, 03:17:39 pm »
So I've been a fan of Steve Vai since I first saw him with David Lee Roth in '86 (I think). Not a fan boy, as some of his stuff is too out there for me, but I truly love his innovation. That said the Jem was too far out there too.

Thirty some years later I pick up a Jem (Jem Jr) for the first time and it went home with me. I bought this guitar used but mint with a hardshell case for $350! Killer, killer guitar for the pennies.

The guitar is fine as is, but I thought why not?  I just ordered a gold OFR and gold Sperzel tuners for it and I'm just at what the guitar and case would have cost me new. The pickups are fine but... Why not? 

I'm looking at tons of DiMarzio pickups (of course) and though they may not exist, I'm thinking gold Dark Matter 2s. I love the covers.

I attached the before pic. Anyway, I'm pretty stoked.

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