Author Topic: What's up with the PAF master bridge?  (Read 14 times)

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What's up with the PAF master bridge?
« on: Today at 10:48:20 am »
A4, 7.69k DCR, mean output 278mv. 


278mv is on the hot side of PAF output.  But A4 is a weak magnet; fully charged it is weaker than A5 or A2.  7.69k DCR is a low wind on a PAF and ought to be low output given the magnet choice.  I have some sub 8k PAFs I use in the bridge, but I use A8, which is the Hulk of magnets, because even with A5 they are low output and searingly bright (and they also have a DCR of more than 7.7k).

This all assumes it is an actual PAF and uses 42 ga wire. 

So I have to conclude that it does not use 42ga wire, because there is no way to get that sort of output level with that magnet and that DCR reading with 42.  I'd guess they're using 41 or some sort of metric equivalent, because 7.69k of 40 probably wouldn't fit on the coils. 

Anyone actually disassembled one?