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PAF Master in strat


Fender Doll:
Hi there guys I hope everyone is well. Well I'm back to playing around with pickups again and I have become very interested in the PAF master pickups.
One of my questions is regarding the output, with it being a low output humbucker would it balance ok with the Heavy Blues 2 single I have in the neck? I don't want a massive volume jump between the pickups. The HB2 I know has a higher DC resistance rating than the master and wondered if they would balance out ok.

Also as it's a strat which are naturally brighter instruments would the master be too bright? One thing I do love about it from what I've heard is the articulation under gain which I love as it would suit some of the complex chordal arrangements I write for my bands music. That being said I do want it to retain the girth and beefiness of a humbucker. Most of my gain comes from having a TS808 into a driven amp. Not metal but a definite classic crunch.

I've never used either of those pickups, but I can tell you about similar ones. I use the Fred (output:305) in the bridge of one Ibanez with an Area 61 (output:142) in the middle. There is a slight drop in volume, but nowhere near like the drop it had when I used an Area 58 (output:125) in the middle. I also have a Tone Zone (Output:375) in another Ibanez with a VV Blues (output:145) and it does not have enough volume drop between them to bother me much either. I tried a Chopper (output:260) in the middle once and it was overkill. It was like having a third humbucker, and did not leave you with interesting tones in the 2/4 position on the switch. Your VVHB2 (output:170) and PAF Master (output:278) should be even closer in volume balance.

For what it's worth my VV HB2 in the neck spot has no problem keeping up with an AT-1 in the bridge.

Cheers Stephan


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