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Fred in neck w/Mo Joe in bridge on basswood RG550?

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Dave J:
I currently have a Fred in the bridge of my Ibanez RG 550 and an Air Norton in the neck position. Love the Fred but for what I want to hear the AN in the neck is a bit too thick.  I'd like something brighter and with a bit more bite/snarl/harmonics in the neck.  Since I almost got a Mo Joe for the bridge of this guitar before going with the Fred I thought why not move the Fred to the neck and get a Mo Joe for the bridge. I know the Fred is liked in the neck but usually with higher output bridge pickups. so is the Mo Joe not hot enough to balance out with the Fred? This is a 24 fret guitar so the neck  pup is slightly closer than it would be on a 22 fret ( you know that)  I am ultimately looking for a brighter neck pickup that can get  harmonics as good as the neck position on a 24 fret allows. I play thru a Marshall DSL 40 and play classic rock to '80s metal, fusion, and Satriani tyoe stuff.  I don't need dirt pedals as the DSL 40 has more than enough overdrive for my wants, if that helps. I think the Dimarzios with the "duel resonance " or unbalanced coil designs are maybe what I need. I belive the humbucker from hell also could be a contender if I keep the Fred in the bridge.
Thanks !

You could go with the HFH in the neck or a PAF Joe. If you want to throw the Fred in the neck, then a Mo' Joe could definitely work in the bridge position. Either way could work really.

I'm biased here because I found the MoJoe to be a very boring bridge pickup. I like the Fred in the bridge, but I haven't tried it in the neck. I would guess that the Fred in the neck would overpower the MoJoe by a bit. The Paf Pro, Paf Joe, and humbucker from Hell all work well with the Fred. You could use the Fred in the neck and use a more powerful bridge like the regular Norton.

PAF Pro has a little more character to my ears.

PAF Joe seems like a variant of it, but maybe a little more polite, if thatís the way to put it.

If you try the MoJoe in the neck, please let everyone know how it works for you.

Dave J:
Thanks to all for the feedback !
Will a Dimarzio with duel resonance  always get better harmonics than a model without?  I really like the juicy harmonics of the Fred!   The Paf Pro and Paf Joe both have symmetrical coils while the HFH does do the duel resonance thing. Can I assume the HFH would have more harmonic content than the paf pro/joe ?
The idea of moving Fred to the neck with a Norton is of interest to me, will I lose some of the harmonic content the Fred gives me in the bridge?

I have the usual collection of electrics. strat, tele, LP, SG ( p90) a Gretsch Electromag, and this RG550. The Fred is the hottest pickup of all pickups in eveything I own. ( skinnerbursts in the LP and nothing in the hot category in everything else)  so part of me doesn't want to go hotter than the Fred as it makes changing guitars pretty seamless as far as amp / effects settings goes. But if the Norton can run with the Fred re: harmonics I might have to consider it. I have been tweaking on the air Norton in the neck a lot  ( height, pole pieces) and it's just not quite getting me where I want to go, which is almost a cutting blues sound out of the neck under medium gain, but still not too raunchy to play a fluid line or two.   I like the Fred enough that I considered another in the neck but not sure that would work out for a number of reasons.

Thanks !!!


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