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Pickup used on Ibanez JEM middle position?

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Hi, I want to change the pickups of my Ibanez RG570, I want the classic sound of older Jem's that had Paf Pro's on bridge and neck, but I had never known what model of pickup is the single coil on the middle position? So, if I buy two Paf Pro's (or maybe a Fred for bridge position) what model of single coil pickup should I buy to pair well with the Paf's?

I also like the Paul Gilbert's sound with the Paf Pro's, but I also don't know what sigle coil he uses in the middle?

Another option I would like to try is: Norton for bridge, and Air Norton for neck. If I decide to go this road, what would be a good single coil match for this pickups in the middle postion?

Thanks in advance!

I'd just go with the True Velvet middle.

Several of the Area pickups and others do a better job without the hum of the True Velvet. If you use 2 PAF Pros, the neck is going to overpower the bridge by quite a bit. The Fred works well with the Paf Pro and adds some contrast. Paul Gilbert also used the Tone Zone with his Paf Pro neck at one point. I like both those combos. The Area 61, Cruiser Neck, Virtual Vintage Blues, and Virtual Vintage 54 Pro all work well in the middle position without a big dip in output when you run the single by itself.

Thanks for the answear, so the old classic JEM's had that problem of the PAF Pro neck overpowering the PAF Pro bridge? I've never noticed that. But still I'm open to try another bridge pickup, maybe a Satur8?

But just out of curiosity, does someone knows if the single coil in the middle position on JEM's was a specific DiMarzio model? Or it was made by Ibanez?

That's why I want to know what DiMarzio single coil would be the closest to the JEM's?

Apologies if this isn’t what you’re asking, but you can buy JEM single coils through any Dimarzio dealer, including eBay/Reverb. The pickup is the ISCV2. Unless I’m mistaken, it was also the stock middle pickup in the PGM guitars.

In my case, I found the pickup a bit lacking in output compared to the humbuckers unless it was set very close to the strings. Though rated as having the same mv-output, the FS-1 sounded a bit fuller in the particular guitar I tried both in. I haven’t auditioned the 200mv-rated SDS-1 or Dark Matter single as middle pickups, but I’m curious to.


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