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Duncan Custom 5 but with more mids?

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I've got a swamp ash 24-fret Solar guitar with a maple neck and a Floyd. The neck is a Duncan 59 with I really like but the C5 in the bridge is a bit too scooped in the mids for my taste. Is there a HB (SD, DiMarzio or other) which is close to the C5 in output and feel but with a tad more mids?

It's been a long time since I played a JB so I'm thinking about if that would be a good fit as well as my old DiMarzio favorites Transition (too hot?) and Tone Zone (too much?).

What say yee?

Cheers and happy new year to all!

Either the Custom, or even more so the Custom Custom is going to have more mids. They are all the same winding but with different magnets. The Custom has a ceramic, and the Custom Custom has an Alnico 2. If you want just a little bit more mids, the ceramic Custom may do it. That said, you probably want the Alnico 2 Custom Custom. It has a whole lot of mids - kind of a brown sounding pickup to my ears. The bass is definitely a bit looser, but that makes it sound huge - and for anything besides staccato riffs, a looser bass is not really a bad thing.

There is a good video showing all of them back to back here:

I'm a big Custom fan, and the closest Dimarzio is supposedly the Norton, which I also really enjoy. That being said, swapping out the A5 your pickup has for an unoriented A5 will go a LONG way toward what you want. It's like a regular A5 but with more mids, sounds fantastic in a Custom (it's my favorite magnet for that pickup) and is also a much cheaper route than a whole new pickup.

Check out the Pariah Pickups MCV model.

Strangeman got it right. No need to start buying more pickups if you have a Custom 5. You can create several great variations just by replacing the magnet in your Custom 5. If you like the C5 but want a little less bass, rounder highs and a little more mids, the Unoriented A5 magnet will give you that. If you want aggressive mids and more relaxed bass and highs, an A2 magnet will give you that. You can also find lots of info about A8, A4, A3, and Ceramic magnets if you search the Seymour Duncan forum. I get my magnets off Ebay, and can afford about 12 magnets for the cost of one pickup.


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