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Hello everyone! I just discovered this forum and I just purchased my first DiMarzio pickup: a Super Distortion for my Jackson Soloist. I have always wanted to try DiMarzios for the longest time, ever since I saw Paul Gilbert in an ad for them in Guitar World magazine. The main reason I bought the Super Distortion was because so many people I love play them, like Ace Frehley, Paul Gilbert (I know he mostly sticks to vintage style pickups these days but I loved his Racer X tone), Phil Collen, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray, just to name a few. My other guitars have a Seymour Duncan JB and 59. and this Jackson I will be installing the Super Distortion in came stock with the Seymour Duncan Distortion Mayhem set, which was the first time I ever had a pair of pickups my ears simply cannot stand at all. I absolutely HATE the upper midrange spike in the TB-6. So, I'm hoping that the Super Distortion will help give that fat, meaty and not harsh 80's rock tone I'm looking for.

Welcome to the forum!

I think you'll thoroughly enjoy the Super Distortion.

Welcome. I tend to agree with you on the Duncan distortion. I tried that one many moons ago and just couldn’t get on with that pickup. I am sure you will be happy with the SD. Great pickup.


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