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Barber Gain Changer SR


Up front, I love the standard Gain Changer and the GCX (really just a gain changer with expanded tone controls).  They're stupidly versatile and, although I despise this term for its overuse, about as transparent as you can find in an OD box.  The SR (special recipe for those not familiar with David's pedals), however, is a whole lot better.  It is quite a bit more refined than its predecessors.  To my ears it's a tad warmer with greater clarity, takes higher output pickups MUCH better and is sweeter overall.  I feel like it cleans up better as well.  My favorite aspect though is that I actually enjoy the lower gain toggle setting now (on the GC and GCX I never enjoyed the feel/timbre of it).  If you're in the market for an OD that is very versatile and will respond to your playing/guitar/setup with all the nuance you could want, shoot David an email.  I hope the day finds you all well.

Cool to see some love for Barber's overdrive pedals. I have acquired a bunch of them over the last three years - various variants of the Direct Drive, the Burn Unit EQ, the Smallfry, the Unlimited and the GCX. All great and can be had inexpensively used.

Cheers Stephan


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