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When I started playing guitar I wanted a Marshall amp, nothing else would do, had to Marshall or bust.  I bought a JCM900, 100watt combo and I thought I was in heaven.  Iím new Day in a local music store, I found a silver face deluxe reverb that needed work. I bought it for $100.00.  I started reading articles on how to hotrod them into something completely different, found an amp tech who told me I would fall out of love with my Marshall when he was done.  That little 20 watt fender embarrassed my Marshall and a number of other Marshalls that other players had.  I had that amp for about 2 years when I asked for a custom built pre amp based on my deluxe reverb. Again not disappointed.  Now in my 60ís, I now own a fender Super Sonic, 60 watt. I find myself playing thru the Bassman channel with an Overdrive, Distortion, Delay, and Chorus ( yes I use the spring reverb).  I love the versatility, richness of my sound. How many others have had this revaluation??

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I had a similar long journey. I started out with a 50 watt Yamaha solid state bass amp which I later used for guitar with a tube screamer. I then moved to a Rozz (a Mesa Mark I copy), which sounded good but I wanted to switch the inputs. When I got the amp back from the tech it was very noisy so I stopped using it.

I then acquired an Acoustic G 100T which I loved until it broke down after a gig. After a 200 USD repair it still did not sound like before so I traded it for an old 50 watt Marshall which sounded so-so but it held up. It was then in the end of the 80s that I searched for a new amp and was frustrated because I didn't like anything that I tried - maybe I should have practiced more :).

Later I started to modify and build amps myself. At the moment I play mostly through a homebuilt amp which has a Hiwatt style preamp but only one channel, a phase inverter like the Jim Kelley amp, and 2 5881 tubes in the power amp. This amp works great for guitar or bass, and pretty loud even though it is only about 40 watts.

Cheers Stephan

You're not alone. I do believe many of us have gone through a similar journey in the endless pursuit of tone. Those who haven't will most likely sooner or later experience it.

Now I find myself looking at a Hughes and Kettner 40 watt GrandMeister Deluxe.  Everything Iíve read tells me this is the one work horse for recording tube tones direct into my DAW.  Just when you think the journey is complete, thereís another turn in the road.

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Sounds like the we're both eye balling the H&K amps for the same reasons.


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