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Fender Doll:
Hi there I'm new here so thought this would be a good place to introduce myself. I'm currently lead guitarist in a band where I live and have been playing myself for a few years off and on. Now currently focusing a lot more on the music and trying to move forward with that.
I'm a massive guitar and gear geek! and am looking to learn as much as I possibly can to get the tone out of my head into the open.
I play mainly fender guitars and own two strats which are my pride and joy, there may be more ergonomic guitars out there but they are home for me! I have an Epiphone Sheraton to for the mellower stuff to.
Anyway, hope everyone is well and look forward to conversing more in the future.

Welcome to the forum! Don't be shy about asking questions!

Fender Doll:
Thank you so much, I appreciate it! I have many questions!



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