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Hey Folks,

I've been running this forum since 2008 and for the most part, the expenses of keeping this place running was paid for out of my own pocket. For a short while I've been able to offset some of the costs with the ad revenue generated by the Google Ads but with the advent of ad blockers and what not, that revenue source is practically non-existent.

Recently health issues have put me into disabled status permanently resulting in fewer hours that I could clock in at work (which translates to less income) and I've been trying to cut down all my costs possible. This forum does not get any financial support from DiMarzio Inc. or any other company and I plan to continue keeping this place running as long as I can.

Instead of trying to force people to turn off their ad blockers or something like that, I'm just going to go old school and put this place back on running off donations.

So I'm just going to request that if you enjoy your time here, please consider making a donation.


Hey man!  Iíve been a member here for a little while now but tbh I donít visit all that often....
What Iíd like to know is, what can we do to get this to be a more active forum? I love Dimarzio pickups but yet I find myself on the Duncan forum FAR more often than Iím here. The Duncan forum is very active with lots of various discussions.
Iíd love for this place to resemble that forum. What are they doing right and this forum doing wrong?
We need to find a way to liven this place up...
Iíd likely be more apt to donate to this forum IF it were a place that I came to regularly. Iím sure others feel the same.

Hey Budd, thanks for that link.

#1. Thanks for making payment a PayPal option.

#2.  I'd not share any suggestion or enthusiasm for trying to compare DiMarzioForum to someplace else or be something that DiMarzioForum is not... but...  I can say that I have seen forums essentially leave the dedicated "website" format and become a "page" on Facebook.  While not only being free, it could lend itself to getting more attention/involvement from the DiMarzio company - as DiMarzio does have a social media person tending to those things.

The only constructive commentary I'd have would be for DiMarzio and that would be for them to be a little more supportive of people like Budd that provide a free service that promotes and supports the brand.  I'd say THAT is something that would go a long way.

I guess thatís unfortunate for me then. I donít do Facebook so looks like this place would be down a member if thatís the format that gets used.

Plus, the Duncan company provides support for their forum. Thereís even a link to it on their website. Every now and then actual employees join the discussion too.
Iím not sure why Dimarzio wouldnít want to support a forum dedicated to their products but I guess thatís why I donít run a business.

But I digress....Iím clearly fighting a losing battle.


--- Quote from: gtrjunior on April 08, 2018, 08:44:40 pm ---
Iím not sure why Dimarzio wouldnít want to support a forum dedicated to their products but I guess thatís why I donít run a business.

--- End quote ---



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