Author Topic: FT Dimarzio Gravity Storm F-Spaced  (Read 1633 times)

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FT Dimarzio Gravity Storm F-Spaced
« on: October 17, 2015, 12:16:59 am »
Hi everyone, i'm new here. Up for trade I have an F-spaced Gravity Storm pickup, in a gold cover.

I like this pickup, it's warm, high output, but not aggressive, it sounds smooth and big. Perfect for fattening up a bright/thin sounding guitar... Only reason i'm looking for a trade is because I had this in my Les Paul, and it is not a good match. This guitar is naturally dark sounding, so this pickup isn't a good match for my metal/alternative rock styles..

Looking to trade for a medium output or high-output pickup. I'm open to almost any pickups...

This pickup is a signature pickup for Steve Vai, but can work well for many styles not just shred.. I just prefer a brighter pickup for this already dark sounding guitar..

I have 10+ years selling on ebay lots of feedback, so I feel I can be trusted! I can show if you need proof!..

if anyone's interested,please let me know!

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