Author Topic: PAF MASTER SET REVIEW  (Read 13381 times)

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« Reply #15 on: February 05, 2019, 12:44:18 pm »
To be fair, I think most of people that dis on DiMarzio and their vintage line, don't like the aggresiveness/punch that DMZ pickups have, it's a common quality that all posess. It's the way how they react to pick attack, as opposed to for example Duncan which reacts more like a vintage pickup. And it is largerly a matter of taste. No good or bad, no worse or better, just different.

I tried PAF Master and just couldn't gel with them. They definitely felt more "PAF" then 36th anniversary, more old school, but that aggressive feeling to them made them feel like they were trying to be something else. FWIW, I do like 36th anniversary a lot, and recently started rolling it into most of my guitar's necks, as I generally find it more versatile and musical then what was there before - a Paf Pro. I have a les paul that previous had A2P which went and gave room to 36th anny set now, and I could swear it can still nail those GnR tones, to a T. But I digress.

There's a lot of different "PAF" sounds, and alot of qualities that people tie to that name, it's good to see there's more then one model catering to specific tastes. I hope DiMarzio will continue to add models in their vintage lineup (which is imho currently weakest/least developed).

So yes, thankful for the reviews and happy to see people dig them, they are great (if different) offerings in PAF pickup arena in the sea of custom shop replicas (a whole ordeal that is kinda getting silly already).

I really would love to see Dimarzio expanding on the PAF game. There's the PAF59 now that's definitely the best vintage PAF model that Dimarzio offers at the moment (YEAR 2019). The PAF36th was a huge success. I don't see many reviews raving about the PAF Master set. Ironically, I found a deal, and ordered a F-Spaced Bridge Pickup DP261 PAF Master a few days ago. I may be missing the raw rocking sound of the 498t in the bridge, but I want to start venturing in a new tone quest. What I did like about the neck pickup is that it's not a pushover, it can take gain nicely. I just wonder how it will fill out on the bass department or if it will always be lacking there...

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« Reply #16 on: February 06, 2019, 07:10:19 pm »
Id like to see them chase a PAF tone that is NOT one of the 3 or so sets they say is cloned from Larrys one 59 Lester.

The Virtual PAF bridge options and the 36th bridge are cool, but the 36th DP103, the PAF 59 set, and the Master set all leave me flat.

ThroBak, Lollar, Mojotone, and Fralin all make renowned PAFs and itd be nice to see DiMarzio step up to the plate.
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