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Dimarzio Evo 7
« on: May 19, 2014, 11:38:48 am »
Since I first venture to 7 string and totally never go back to 6 Strings, its true what they say. I've got a jem77 with an evo neck and evo 2 setup and totally love that guitar for everything. So I began installing blaze neck and evo 7 on my 7 string after emailing steve he says this combo sounded the same as the evo neck and evo 2. Well, disagree, the blaze neck sounded more open and organic than the evo neck which is a bit more compress sounding. Whereas the evo 7 sounded very aggresive and is messy if your playing is sloppy. So recently my band want to downtune 2 more steps which makes my 7 string ADGCFAD tuning and to my suprise the evo 7 sounded sounded exactly like the evo 2, but with 2 tone down and thicker gauge. Here are some simple sample I recorded the acoustic simulator I use the blaze neck in parallel and the solo is totally evo 7. I use only distortion and no delays and reverb so you can hear it clearly.
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