Author Topic: Vintage DiMarzios in action - BC Rich Mockingbird from 1984  (Read 3352 times)


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Hi everyone,

I'm new here in this forum. I like to play metal for fun - just at home, not professionally. I wanted to do some recording for fun.

I have several guitars and after testing all of them, I decided to use my vintage BC Rich Mockingbird (1984) for the rhythms. It has DiMarzio pickups - Super and PAF. They gave me the thickest sound compared to my other guitars. I used Amplitube for the distortion.

I put a video on YouTube with a song I recorded. I plan to continue recording more videos as time allows, but I wanted to get you guys' opinion about the overall sound of the Mockingbird/DiMarzios. If you have a moment, could you guys let me know what you think? Here's the video:

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Re: Vintage DiMarzios in action - BC Rich Mockingbird from 1984
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Thats pretty bad ass dude. No worries about the lack of replies, thats just the way it is here.
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