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Just waht IS the Relationshio between Seymour Duncan and Larry Dimarzio?

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As a member of the Duncan forums also, I wasn't quite brave enough to post this  there. i was always curious though. These are the two great pioneers of pickup technology

I sense theres no love lost between them, only because of the lack of any previous real mention of any correspondence  or collaboration of the two camps. Plus the fact that they  have conflicts with different artists endorsements (   for example Yngwie) .Thats just my percepton.

I'd love to see Larry and Seymour get together on a pickup, It'd be a blockbuster , and a win win for evryone, including Dimarzio and Duncan.. but that might be asking for some kind of pie in the sky.

imho seymour'd be too pretentious to do so. But I imagine that this isn't something that Larry'd be begging for either.

Butch Snyder:

--- Quote from: CityofBlindingLights on April 17, 2011, 09:15:56 pm ---imho seymour'd be too pretentious to do so.
--- End quote ---

I disagree.  I know Seymour.  He's just a guy trying to make a living doing the same thing that Larry DiMarzio is doing.  That said, Larry DiMarzio is just trying to make a living himself.  Both are excellent pickup makers.  There are others out there too, who have very negative opinions of both Mr. Duncan and Mr. DiMarzio.  Bill Lawrence is one of them and so is Joe Barden.  Bill Lawrence has been quoted as almost ridiculing some of Seymour's ideas.

Bill Lawrence, I love that man. He's one guy that can talk shit about a lot of other pickup makers and get away with it.

As for getting Larry and Seymour together to make a pickup.. I'm not too sure how well it'd turn out really.

dr. ad:
i think it's a very interesting idea jerry
imagine seymour winding a humbucker, then larry examining it and re-winding one of the coils and possibly using a different wire gauge, switching to a virtual-vintage bobbin and/or half-airing the thing?

i would not presume to judge either of them, not knowing either of them personally.
some would consider that to be in poor taste


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